(Paper) CBSE Class XI : Biology Exam Paper (Bihar)

CBSE Class XI : Biology Exam Paper (Bihar)

General Instructions:

  • All Question are compulsory.
  • There is no negative marking for any wrong answer.
  • Questions are in two sections.

SECTION-I [Objective Questions]

1. Protista consists of
(a) Heterotrophic organism (b) Photoautotroph’s (c) Chemoautotroph’s (d) All of the above
Answers: (d)

2. Contractile vacuole does not occur in
(a) Slime moulds (b) sporozoa (c) Sarcodina (c) Zooflagellata
Answers: (b)

3. Lateral roots developed from
(a) Epidermis (b) Cortex (c) Endodermis (d) Pericles.
Answers: (d)

4. Bull Frog of India is
(a) Rana Tigerina (b) Rana Esculent (c) Rana sylvatica (d) All of above.
Answers: (a)

5. Ligaments connect
(a) Muscle to Muscle (b) Muscle to skin (c) Bone to Bone (d) Muscle to bone
Answers: (c)

6. Ribosome’s are synthesized in
(a) Nucleopasm (b) Nucleolus (b) Golgi apparatus (d) Cytoplasm.
Answers: (b)

7. Lactose is
(a) Fructose + Fructose (b) Glucose +| Glucose
(c) Glucose + Fructose (d) Glucose + Galaxies
Answers: (b)

8. Ph. of gastric juice is
(a) 15 “ 30 (b) 5.0 – 6.8 (c) 7.0 – 9.0 (d) 6.0 – 8.0
Answers: (a)

9. Bile are
(a) Steroids (b) Carbohydrate (c) Protein (d) Vitamins
Answers: (a)

10. Number of Milk – teeth in an infant is
(a) 12 (b) 20 (c) 32 (d) 46
Answers: (b)

Instructions : Q. No. 11 to 15 In the following questions there are two statements. Statement- I follows Statements-II. You have to go through these statements and mark your answer from the given questions.

(a) If both the statement are true & statement II is the correct explanation of Statement – I.
(b)If both the statement are true & statement- II is not correct explanation of statement – I.
(c) If statement – I is true and statement – II is false.
(d) If statement – I is false & statement – II is true.

11. Statement I “The process of reproduction does not suffer if one ovary is removed.
Statement II “The other ovary enlarge to take over the function of missing one.

Answers: (c)

12. Statement I “Entomophilies plants produce less pollen when compared to anemone-phallus plants.
Statement II “The wastage of pollen is reduced to minimum Entomophilies plantsbec abuse of the directional pollination.

Answers: (a)

13. Statement I “ Dichogamy refers to maturation of male & female sex – organ at different teems.
Statement II “This is a safeguard against cross-Pollination.

Answers: (a)

14. Statement I “In mutualism both the individuals are benefitted.
Statement II “Both individual are benefitted by the association but their relationship are not obligatory.

Answers: (c)

15. Statement I “Phloem is the main conducting tissue.
Statement II “Phloem does the function of conduction of water.

Answers: (c)

Instructions : Question No. 16 to 18 In the following question there may be more than one correct answer. You have to mark all the correct options.

16. Mosses have
(a) Radial symmetry (b) Scales absents (c) Sex organ developed capitally (d) None of these.

Answers: (a, b, c)

17. Pneumonia is caused by
(a) Trichophuyton (b) Epidermophyton
(c) Streptococcus pneumonia (d) Hemphill’s influence.

Answers: (a, c)

18. Tuberous roots are used for vegetative propagation ion in following plants.
(a) Asparagus (b) Dahlia (c) Pea (d) Ground nut

Answers: (a, c)

Instructions : Question No. 19 to 22 In the following questions there are two columns the columns – I contains 4 questions, you have to watch the correct options.

Column" I Column" II
19- Catenae (a) Camplylo trophy
20- Vole (b) Columnar all
21- Poem (c) Sieve cells
22- Elongated Nucleus (d) Mitochondria

Answers: 19. (d) 20. (a) 21. (c) 22. (b)

Instructions : Question No. 23 to 25 In the following questions followed by a paragraph, you have to go through the paragraphs & them answer the given questions from given choices. Balance diet, personal hygiene & regular exercise are very important in maintaining good health. Yoga has been practiced since time immemorial to achieve physical & mental health. Awareness about disease & their effect on different body functions. Vaccination against infection disease,proper disposal of waste, control of vector & maintenance of hygienic food & water resources are necessary for achieving good health.

23. Personal hygiene stands for
(a) Balance diet (b) taking exercise
(c) To keep one self neat and clean. (d) To maintain good health.

Answers: (c)

24. Control of vector can be achieved by
(a) Immunizations
(b) take regular exercise
(c) By proper disposal of
(d) Waste & taking contaminated food daises.
(d) To make aware about disease.

Answers: (c)

25. Balance diet in one which contains :
(a) high protein
(b) enriched with mineral
(c) Contains all the nutrients in proportion.
(d) Can be digested easily.

Answers: (c)

SECTION-II [Non-Objective Questions]

Short Answer questions:

Instruction : Q. No. 1 to 11 are Short Answer Type Questions. Every question is of 2 marks each.

  • Enemata 5 features of Kingdome Monera ?
  • Describe five feature of Kingdome Fungi ?
  • Define radia symmetry.
  • Define viripary ?
  • Who is father of Microbiology ?
  • What is Micrococcus ?
  • Define algae ?
  • What are diatoms
  • What are buds ? Enumerate their types;.
  • Write a note on blood platelets
  • Distinguish between Tender & ligaments ?

Long Questions:

Instructions : Question No. 12 to 15 are long water type carrying 05 marks.

  • List the important function of blood plasma ?
  • Sketch the reproductive system of Cockroach and level in properly.
  • List ten important function of cell membrane.
    Describe ultra structure & function of Nucleus.
  • How many total ATP Molecule are generated from one Mole glucose in glycol tic Pathway.
    Describe Krebs Cycle ?