(Books) Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers - Business Studies (Class - 12)

CBSE Sample Question Papers - Business Studies (Class - 12)


Author : Panel Of Experts

Publisher : Oswaal Books

ISBN-10 : 9351270440

Book Type : Non Fiction Book

Publication Year : 2013

Language : English

ISBN-13 : 9789351270447

Binding : Paperback

About Book

CBSE Sample Question Papers – Business Studies, published by Oswaal Books, is a comprehensive book for Class XII students, which strictly conforms to the latest CBSE syllabus design, guidelines and exam pattern. It comprises of ten sample papers, among which 5 are solved and 5 are unsolved. Equal weight is given to all units and the answers are given as per the Board Marking Scheme and word limit specifications prescribed by the CBSE. This book also includes value based questions and serves as an extensive resource for Business Studies exam preparation. It is compiled by a chosen Panel of Experts.

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