(Download) CBSE Text Books: Reading Material on Philosophy for Class XII

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CBSE Text Books

Reading Material on Philosophy

for Class XII



Philosophy, as a foundational discipline of all knowledge, is essentially practice-oriented. It is both a view and a way of life. It is not just love of wisdom, as its etymology may suggest, but also shaping a life in accordance with the acquired wisdom. It is no doubt a theoretical enterprise but it is not speculative. It has practical applications, as theory without practice is lame and futile and conversely practice without theoretical foundation is blind and at random. Though philosophy is global in its theoretical formulation its application has to be local and regional in concrete life-situations and therefore Indian context is prominently put forth here. It can be supplemented from contexts of other cultures.
The need for some reference material in Philosophy was being felt for quite some time since there are only a few study materials existing particularly at school level on applied philosophy. It is expected this reading material will prove useful to our teachers in effective transaction of this syllabus and to our students in preparing for their examination.


Courtesy: Central Board of Secondary Education