(Download) NCERT Book For Class IX : Agriculture (Animal Health Worker)

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(Download) NCERT Book For Class IX : Agriculture (Animal Health Worker)


Table of Content

Unit 1: Restraining Farm Animals

Session 1: Body Parts of Cattle and Basics of Animal Handling
Session 2: Behavioural Considerations in Animal Handling
Session 3: Approaching and Handling farm Animals

Unit 2: Implementation of Preventive Animal Health Care

Session 1: Occurrence and Reporting of Endemic Diseases
Session 2: Vaccination in Farm Animals
Session 3: Deworming and Control of Ectoparasites

Unit 3: Veterinary First Aid

Session 1: Preventive First Aid Measures for Infectious  Diseases
Session 2: First Aid Measures for Non-infectious Conditions
Session 3: First Aid Measures in Special Cases

Unit 4: Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases

Session 1: Factors Responsible for the Spread of Diseases in Farm Animals
Session 2: Diseases due to Movement of Animals
Session 3: ‘One Health’ Approach and Livestock Value Chain
Session 4: Bio-security and Disposal of Farm Animals


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