​CBSE 2017-18 Syllabus Class-10 : Subjects of Internal Assessment


CBSE Class-10 Syllabus 2017-18


Subject: Subjects of Internal Assessment

Co-Scholastics Activities
Evaluation of Work Education/Pre-vocational Education, Art Education and Physical
and Health Education will be done by the schools. CBSE has developed guidelines for
internal assessment in these subjects which the schools are expected to keep in view
while organizing teaching and evaluation of these subjects. Following publications of
the Boards are recommended for their use and reference which give outlines of syllabi
and hints for evaluation:
(i) Work Education in Schools :
(ii) Art Education in Schools.
(iii) Health and Physical Education in Schools.
In the National Curriculum Framework (2005) Work Experience has been termed as
Work Education and thus makes it an integral component of education. As such it would
provide both knowledge and skills through well-structured and graded programmes,
which would help them on their entry into the world of work. Work Education is a
distinct curricular area for providing children with opportunities for participation in
social and economic activities inside and outside the classroom, which would enable
them to understand scientific principles and procedures involved in different types
of work. The productive manual work situations were to be drawn from the area of
health and hygiene, food, shelter, clothing, recreation and community service. The
competencies to be developed in this field should include knowledge, understanding,
practical skills and values through need based life activities. Pre-vocational courses
should get a prominent place at this stage.
Work Education aims at restoring dignity and respect to all types of manual work,
promoting self-reliance in meeting one’s daily needs and those of one’s family and
community, increasing productivity through the development of proper work skills
and values, and promoting commitment to the welfare of the society through suitable
programme of social work or community service. This is a two-year syllabus for classes
IX and X. It has been designed with following objectives for Students:
The major objectives of Work Education at the Secondary stage are:
• To help the students to develop essential knowledge and understanding in terms
of :
- identifying needs of the self, family and community in respect of food, health
and hygiene, clothing, shelter, recreation and social service;
- acquainting themselves with productive activities in the community;
- understanding facts and scientific principles involved in various forms of



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