​CBSE 2017-18 Syllabus Class-12 : Heritage Crafts


CBSE Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18


Subject:  Heritage Crafts

Aims and Objectives
To impart an all round and holistic education that equips the Indian youth today to face challenges of a
global and rapidly changing world, while preserving their own cultural assets, traditions and values. This new
subject area has been introduced for senior secondary level in schools with the following objectives:
 To understand the critical role of the crafts community and its integral relationship to the Indian
 To enable students to understand the relationship between economics, culture and aesthetics.
 To enable students to explore the linkages between environment, craft traditions asnd society through
field studies.
 To develop a respect for the diversity of Indian craft traditions and to uphold the dignity of its
practitioners by understanding the difficulties that they face.
 To introduce Indian culture through the crafts, so that school students appreciate the variety of skills
and expressions of the Indian artist.
 To provide students a creative aesthetic experience of the unique visual and material culture of India
and develop values of conservation, protection of the environment, resources and heritage of the
 To enable students to understand the relationship between tradition and contemporary trends, form and
function, creator and consumer.
 To understand the processes of creating a craft object from start to finish.
 To introduce students with the tools to extend craft traditions to wider applications through applied
CLASS–XII (2017-18)
I. THEORY 3 Hours
70 Marks
SECTION–A 40 Marks
Unit– I Overview of the Past 35 Periods
1. Crafts in the Past
2. Colonial Rule and Crafts
3. Gandhi and self sufficiency
Unit–II: Crafts Revival 45 Periods
4. Handloom and Handicraft revival
5. Crafts Community Today
6. Production and Marketing
Unit–III: Stratigies for the Future 35 Periods


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