(Download) e-Books: Inclusion in Education: A Manual for School Management Committee

(Download) e-Books: Inclusion in Education: A Manual for School Management Committee

Contents :

1. School Management: An Introduction
 1.1 School
 1.2 Stakeholders of School
 1.3 Management
 1.4 School Management
 1.5 School Management Committee
 1.6 Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009:  Some Highlights
 1.7 Inclusion in Education
 1.8 Role of School Management Committee
2. School Management Committee
 2.1 School and School Management Committee
 2.2 Composition of School Management Committee
 2.2.1 Monthly Meeting
 2.3 Role and Duties of Members of School Management Committee
 2.3.1 Preparing School Development Plan
 2.3.2 Bringing ‘Out of School Children’ to the School
 2.3.3 Basic Amenities
 2.3.4 Prohibition of Physical Punishment and Mental
 Harassment of Children
 2.3.5 Fund Management
 2.3.6 Monitoring of Quality Learning
 2.3.7 Mid Day Meal
 2.3.8 Social Audit
 2.3.9 Healthy School Environment
 2.4 Grievance Redressal Mechanism 
3. Pre-school Education
3.1 Pre-school Education
3.2 Significance of Pre-school Education
3.3 Early Childhood Care and Education policy 2013:Some Highlights
3.4 Inclusion in Early Years
3.5 Basic Components of Pre-school Education
3.5.1 Duration of the Programme
3.5.2 Physical Facilities
3.5.3 Classroom Processes
3.5.4 Health, Hygiene and Nutrition
3.6 Role of School Management Committee
4. Education of the Children with Disabilities
4.1 Every Child Matters
4.2 Meaning of Disability
4.3 Children with Different Disabilities
4.3.1 Locomotor 
4.6 Grievances Redressal
4.7 Role of School Management Committee
5. Education of Children Belonging to Socially Disadvantaged Groups
5.1 Socially Disadvantaged Groups
5.2 Issues and Concerns related to Socially Disadvantaged Groups
5.2.1 Discrimination of Scheduled Caste Children
5.2.2 Addressing Issues related to Education of Scheduled Caste Children 
5.2.3 Discrimination of Scheduled Tribe Children
5.2.4 Addressing Issues related to Education of Scheduled Tribe  Children
5.2.5 Discrimination of Minorities Children
5.2.6 Addressing Issues related to Education of Minorities Children
5.3 Schemes and Programmes for Education  of Children from Socially Disadvantaged Groups
5.4 Role of School Management Committee
6. Gender Issues and Girls’ Education
6.1 Gender and Socialization Practices
6.2 Why Girls’ Education
6.2.1 Legal Safeguards for Girl Children of India
6.3 Initiatives for Girls’ Education
6.3.1 Guaranteeing Universal Access to Elementary and  Secondary Schools and Reducing the Gender Gaps in  Schooling
6.3.2 Reaching ‘Out of School Girls’ in Diffcult and Remote Areas
6.3.3 Providing Facilities for Pre-school Education
6.3.4 Providing Cooked Meals in Schools
6.3.5 Women Participation in School Management Committee
6.3.6 Inclusion of Girls with Disability
6.4 Schemes and Programmes for Girls’ Education
6.5 Role of School Management Committee
7. Adolescent Learners in School
7.1 Adolescent Learners
7.2 Meaning of Adolescent
7.3 Issues in Adolescent Stage
7.3.1 Issues related to Physical Changes
7.3.2 Issues related to Emotional Changes
7.3.3 Maintaining Health and Hygiene
7.3.4 Issues related to Substance Abuse
7.4 Life Skill Based Education
7.5 Role of School Management Committee
8. Disaster, Conflict and Schooling
8.1 Meaning and Nature of Disasters
8.2 Meaning and Nature of Conflicts
8.3 Some Examples of Disasters and Conflicts
8.4 Disaster Management
8.4.1 Some Essential Features of Disaster Management
8.5 Role of School Management Committee 

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Courtesy: CBSE