(Counselling Info) Counselling Procedure Of AIEEE And IIT Exam

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Tips : Counselling Procedure Of AIEEE And IIT Exam

1.2 Phase-II: On-campus On-line Counselling

Eligible candidates will be required to report at specified counselling centres (Table 6) in accordance with their state of eligibility, which will be displayed on computer screen during Phase-I. The Phase-II counselling will be completed in one day. However, the candidates are advised to come prepared to stay for two days, if required, to meet any contingency. They can download the admission letter from a place of their convenience.

(a) The Counselling Procedure

  1. On the scheduled (AIR based) counselling date (Table 4), the candidates will report to the document verification counters for verification of their Certificates and Admit Card. Candidates are required to bring all certificates in original along with one photocopy of each and four copies of their photograph identical to the one pasted on the AIEEE 2008 application form. If the original certificates are not in English, duly certified English version / translation of such certificates will be required.

  2. Thereafter, the candidates will proceed to fee deposit counters. Initial Fee deposit of Rs. 15,000/- for OP and OBC candidates and Rs. 5,000/- for SC / ST candidates will be collected at the computerized fee counters. The deposit is to be made through a demand draft in favour of CCB payable at Allahabad . This amount will be transferred to the allotted institution and adjusted in the fee to be deposited there.

  3. Discrepancies related to category, sub-category, gender and state of eligibility in the computer record generated on the basis of AIEEE 2008 application form earlier submitted by the candidate to CBSE will be rectified by the competent authority at the counselling centre on the basis of the original certificates. Candidates must give their address for correspondence, where the cheques for refund of Initial Fee deposit may be sent, if required. A printout of the duly authenticated modified record will be given to the candidate.

  4. Any change in the candidate’s name and father’s name shall not be permitted under any circumstances.

  5. Candidates must ensure in their own interest, that their state of eligibility, category, sub-category and gender are mentioned correctly on the printout given to them after verification.

  6. After verification of certificates and depositing the Initial Fee, the candidates will be required to exercise their final choices of seats On-line by using Form 1 to indicate the choices of institutions with branch in order of their preference.

  7. The status of the available seats will be displayed for the guidance of candidates.

  8. Form 1 will show the choices last submitted during Off-campus counselling. During On-campus counselling candidates are free to change these choices as they may like.

  9. In order to be considered for the ‘dropout’ seats, candidates must also submit Form 2 on-line indicating their choices for institutions only. For the candidates who failed to get an ‘offered’ seat against Form 1, the Form 2 will be processed for allotment of the institution for admission without branch. The branch will be allotted later by the institution where admitted with due consideration of merit among the students joining it.

  10. After filling the choices through ‘Form 1’ and / or ‘Form 2’, the candidate must get the choices locked. Candidate must ensure in their own interest that the choices have been locked. If the choices have not been locked, the FORM 1 and FORM 2 WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

  11. After locking of the choices, the candidates will collect two copies of printouts for each of the choice forms submitted by them. Both copies are to be signed by the candidate and the competent authority at the counselling centre. The same must be verified by the candidate and one copy of each of Form 1 and Form 2 returned to the authorized person at the counselling centre.

(b) Allotment Letter

The choices submitted through Form 1 on the scheduled date of counselling will be processed centrally late in the evening and the list of candidates who would be allotted an institution along with a branch for admission will be displayed on our website. The candidates are required to download the allotment letter from the website www.ccb.nic.in from a place of their convenience. In case of any difficulty in downloading the allotment letter they can contact the counselling centre.

(c) Reporting at PIs or Remote Reporting (for IIITs, IIITM and IIITDM only) at Designated Counselling Centre

For admission, the successful candidates are to report to the allotted institution during the period July 5-20, 2008 for ‘offered’ seats, failing which their allotment will be cancelled. The seats thus falling vacant will be considered as ‘dropout’ seats for which allotment will be made on the basis of Form 2.

A facility of Remote Reporting has been introduced at the Counselling Centres for the benefit of the candidates selected only in NITs / IIITs / IIITM. The candidates may use this facility under emergent conditions.

(d) Multiple Allotment

The candidates who have been selected both in Engineering and Architecture disciplines will be given option to retain any one allotment of their choice. The candidates will be required to withdraw the other allotment and surrender the corresponding allotment letter.

1.3 Allotment Against Dropout Seats

1. The choices submitted through Form 2 for ‘dropout’ seats will be processed and list of candidates who would be allotted an institution against ‘dropout’ seats on the basis of AIR for each category will be displayed on website on July 23, 2008 . These candidates will be required to directly report at the allotted institution for admission during July 23-28, 2008 (failing which their allotment will be cancelled).

2. No allotment letter will be given at the Counselling Centres for allotment against ‘dropout’ seats. The candidates have to directly report to the allotted institutions on the basis of allotment results as displayed on the CCB website.

3. The allotment of the branches to the candidates admitted to various PIs against ‘dropout’ seats will be made during July 28-30, 2008 by the allotted Institutions.

4. With a view to minimize the number of ‘dropout’ and ‘un-availed’ seats, a Second Round of centralised counselling has been introduced.

2. Second Round of Counselling

Only those registered candidates who had neither been allotted seats nor withdrawn will be allowed to participate in the Second Round of Counselling during August 2 - 4, 2008 . For this, the candidates will not be required to be present physically at the Counselling Centres. They can fill their choices On-line from a place of their convenience. The choice filling form will be similar to Form 1 but without State specific seats as these seats will be converted to All India Seats wherever applicable.

The result of Second Round of Counselling will be published on the website on August 4, 2008 . The candidates are required to report to the allotted Institutions from August 5 - 9, 2008