Download Class X : HOTS Question Answers: Math Unit - 8 (SIMILAR TRIANGLES)

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Class X : HOTS Question Answers: Math Unit - 8 SIMILAR TRIANGLES)


ABC is a right-angled triangle, right-angled at A. A circle is inscribed in it. The lengths of the two sides containing the right angle are 6cm and 8 cm. Find the radius of the in circle

1.      ABC is a triangle. PQ is the line segment intersecting AB in P and AC in Q such that PQ parallel to BC and divides triangle ABC into two parts equal in area. Find BP: AB.

2.      In a right triangle ABC, right angled at C, P and Q are points of the sides CA and CB respectively, which divide these sides in the ratio 2: 1.

3.      P and Q are the mid points on the sides CA and CB respectively of triangle ABC right angled at C. Prove that 4(AQ2 +BP2) = 5AB