(Sample Paper) CBSE Class IX Summative Assessment-I Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy: 2011

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Summative Assessment-I: 2011

Subject –Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy

Time: 3 Hrs
 All questions are compulsory.

Group A

1. Which of the following is not an advantage of Book Keeping
a. It helps in tracing Transaction.
b. It helps in recording non monetary Transactions
c. it Keeps a check on regularity of staff
d. It is Help in accurate recording.

2. Which is the correct treatment for the following Transactions- "Rent of Rs. 500 paid to the land lord"
a. Debit rent a/c and credit land lord a/c
b. Debit Land Lord a/c and credit Cash a/c
c. Debit Rent a/c and Credit Cash a/c
d. Debit Land lord a/c and Credit Rent a/c

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