(Sample Paper) CBSE Class IX Summative Assessment-I Social Science 2011

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CBSE Class-X
Summative Assessment-I: 2011

Subject –Social Science

Time: 3 Hrs
 All questions are compulsory.

PART I Note : For question No. 1-4, attempt any one group i.e. Group A or Group B or Group C from the
following :

Group A
1. On what charges was Louis XVI Guillotined?
(a) Misgovernance
(b) cruelty
(c) treason
(d) absolute rule

2. By whom was 'social contract' written?
(a) Volltaire
(b) Rousseau
(c) Adam Smith
(d) Gorky

3. In the context of Russia what was 'Kullak'?
(a) A Collective form
(b) A Russian school
(c) Well-to-do peasants
(d) Landless labourers

4. Which one of the following refers to the secret police of Russia?
(a) Cheka
(b) Gestapo
(c) Security police
(d) F.B.I.

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