(Sample Paper) CBSE Class X Summative Assessment-I Home Science 2011

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CBSE Class-X
Summative Assessment-I: 2011

Subject –Home Science

Time: 3 Hrs
 All questions are compulsory.

1. A child starts recognizing familiar Faces and responding with the smile at  the age of

a. Three months
b. Five months
c. six month
d. Seven Months

2.  Nine Month old Raghu is hungry. He will Express his need by

a. Babbling and pointing towards milk bottle.
b. Crying and hitting
c.  Crying and Babbling
d. Saying "want milk" and Crying.

3.Defeciency of carbohydrate leads to

a. Beri Beri
b. Diabetes
c. Marusmas
d. Rickets

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