(Sample Paper) CBSE Class X Summative Assessment-I Social Science: 2011

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CBSE Class-X
Summative Assessment-I: 2011

Subject –Social Science

Time: 3 Hrs
 All questions are compulsory.

Part I

1. In which one of the following years Great Depression occurred in the world?
(a) 1929-30
(b) 1935-36
(c) 1939-40
(d) 1941-42

Who, among the following, improved the steam engine produced by New common?
(a) Mathew Boulton
(b) James Walt
(c) Henry Ford
(d) Grahm Bell 1

Which one of the following is correct about the Annual London Season?
(a) It was meant for wealthy Britishers only.
(b) Organised for an elite group of 300-400 families.
(c) Several cultural events were organised.
(d) All the above 1

2. Which one of the following groups of the countries was known as the 'Central powers' in Europe?
(a) Germany, Russia & France
(b) Russia, Germany & Britain
(c) Germany, Austria-Hungary and Ottoman-Turkey
(d) None of the above

Which of the following group of industries was the dynamic industries of England during its earliest phase of industrialization?
(a) Cotton and metals
(b) Cotton and silk
(c) Silk and footwears
(d) Footwear and glass 1

After reclamation how many islands were joined together to develop the city of Bombay (Mumbai)?
(a) Seven
(b) Five
(c) Three
(d) Ten

3. Who among the following developed the first known printing press in the 1430s?
(a) Johann Gutenburg
(b) James Watt
(c) New Common (d) Marconi

Who among the following is the author of the novel 'Hard Times'?
(a) Leo Tolstoy
(b) Thomas Hardy
(c) Charles Dickens
(d) Samuel Richardson 1

4. The first printing press came to India with which one of the following?
(a) Portuguese Missionaries
(b) Catholic Priests
(c) Dutch protestants
(d) East India Company

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