(Guess Papers) Guess Paper For CBSE Class XII Business Studies (2009-10) Set - 1

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GUESS PAPER For 2009-10
TIME 3HRS Max. Marks. - 100

General Instructions
1. Answers to questions carrying 1 mark may be from one word to one sentence.
2. Answer to questions carrying 3 Marks may be from 50 to 75 words.
3. Answer to questions carrying 4-5 marks may be about 150 words
4. Answer to questions carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words.
5. Attempt all parts of a question together.

1.Who are considered to be operative management in an organisation? 1

2.How Management is based on practice and creativity. 1

3.“He/She keeps machines, materials, tools etc. ready for operation by concerned workers”. Whose work is describe by this sentence under functional foremanship. 1

4.Which principle of Taylor suggest that the job performed should be based on scientific inquiry and not on intuition? 1

5.Despite of a good plan manager finds that initiative taken by his subordinate is reduced in the work. What can be the possible reason? 1

6.What do you mean by Procedure? 1

7.A manager decides to develop a better organizational climate to motivate its workers. What steps he has to take? 1

8.An organisation wants to go for a major change in production technique. What role a leader has to play in this regard. 1

9.What is the main Aim of “Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954.” 1

10.List the name of any two NGOs engaged in the protecting and promoting consumers interest.1

11.Why managers in Analysing Deviations should use Critical point control and Management by exception? 3

12.“Primary aim of financial management is to maximize shareholder’s wealth” Justify 3

13.Why Capital Budgeting Decision is considered as crucial decision for a company. 3

14.Distinguish between ‘Primary’ and ‘secondary’ Markets on the basis of Sale of Securities, Capital formation and Determination of price. 3

15.State any three characteristics of good Brand name. 3

16.“Effectiveness of motivation contributes to the success of an organisation’.How? Explain giving four reasons. 4

17.Newly opened Cement Company is not in support of Decentralization. What difficulties it may face if they go for complete centralization. 4

18.Discuss any four advantages of budgetary control for business enterprises? 4

19.Mr Anjan Sen is working as a Personal manager in a company of Kolkata.Although he is not well educated but an experienced person .Before this he has worked on this post in two large companies. His intention is always in promoting an efficient employee to a higher post and in demoting inefficient one to a lower vacant post. 4
a) State what source of Recruitment is Mr Sen concentrating?
b) What are the benefits which company is depriving by using this source

20.You saw an advertisement in Television regarding a new washing powder and ordered for the purchase of the same to the shopkeeper. What will be your responsibilities as a customer so that the shopkeeper does not exploit you? State any four responsibilities. 4

21.What are the main features to be considered by the management in the planning process? 5

22.Discuss the factor that affects the determination of the price of a product or services? 5

23.“Lack of proper management results in wastage of time, money and efforts”. Do you agree with this statement? Give any five reasons in support of your answer. 5

24.Discuss the role of SEBI towards companies, Investors and Intermediaries in the Capital Market. 5

25.What is the principle of ‘Scalar Chain’? Explain briefly the utility of ‘Gang Plank’ with the help of a diagram. 5

26.“Interaction among people at work gives rise to a network of social relationship among employees.’ Which form of organisation the statement refers. State the merits and demerits of such form of organisation to the company. 6


What do you mean by Divisional Organisational Structure? How it is beneficial for multi-products companies.
27.Training increases job skill while development shapes attitudes”. In the light of the statement explain the nature of relationship between training and development.


Describe in brief, the various steps involved in the process of staffing

28.Discuss the steps involved in the process of communication. 6


Suggest the measures to be adopted by the organizations to overcome the barriers and improve communication effectiveness.

29. Discuss the benefits of Personal Selling to Businessman and Customers. 6


What do you mean by Channel of Distribution? What function do they play in the distribution of goods and services?

30.You are the financial manager of a newly established company. The directors of the company have asked you to plan the capital structure for the company. State any six factors should consider while planning the capital structure of the company. 6


Explain ‘Trading on Equity’. Why, when and how it can be used by a business Organizations ?

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