(Guess Papers) Guess Paper For CBSE Class XII Business Studies (2009-10) Set - 2

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GUESS PAPER For 2009-10
TIME 3HRS Max. Marks. - 100

General Instructions
1. Answers to questions carrying 1 mark may be from one word to one sentence.
2. Answer to questions carrying 3 Marks may be from 50 to 75 words.
3. Answer to questions carrying 4-5 marks may be about 150 words
4. Answer to questions carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words.
5. Attempt all parts of a question together.

1. Clarify the following equation: Anything – Management = Zero. (1)

2. To meet the objectives of the firm the management of Infosys Ltd. provide to their employee good working environment and opportunities for promotion and growth. Identify the category of objective it is trying to achieve. (1)

3. Illustrate the principle of stability of tenure through a suitable example. (1)

4. In which technique of Scientific Management ‘Stop Watch’ is used and why? (1)

5. How does planning strangulate the initiatives of the employee? Justify your answer with the help of a suitable example. (1)

6. One of the functions of Management is considered a base for all other functions, name that functions. (1)

7. What is Semantic Barriers in the process of communication? (1)

8. What do you understand by Monetary Incentives? (1)

9. Ministry of Civil Supplies publishes a quarterly magazine under the title “ Upbhokta Jagaran” in the same way DD and other TV Channels telecasts programme like “Sanrakshan Upbhokta ka and “Jago Upbhokta Jago” , all these indicates towards which right of consumer ? (1)

10. Rajesh purchased a DVD player from a reputed electronic company and found it is defective. Despite many complaints the defect was not rectified. Suggest to him the appropriate authority where he could file a complaint under Consumer Protection Act. (1)

11. Distinguish between Policy and Procedure. (3)

12. Explain the term ‘Capital Gearing’. (3)

13. State any three objectives of OTCEI. (3)

14. Explain any three methods of ‘Trade Promotion’. (3)15. What are the key financial decisions? How ‘Stock Market Reaction’ affect the dividend decisions? Explain with the help of an example. (3)

16. Explain four methods of Off – the – Job training. (4)

17. Explain in brief the followings: (2+2=4)
(a) ‘Principle of Critical – Point – Control’.
(b) Relationship between planning and controlling.

18. What is ‘Grapevine communication’? What are communication networks operate in it? (4)

19. Define ‘delegation’ and differentiate it with ‘decentralization’ on any three points. (1+3=4)

20. State any four responsibilities of a consumer while buying any goods/ services. (4)

21. “Coordination is the orderly arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of a common purpose.” In the light of above statement, explain the nature of coordination. (5)

22. ‘Automobiles Ltd. offered to sell their new bike at about Rs.4000 less than the usual price’ is an example of one of the techniques of sales promotion. Name the technique and also explain three other techniques with example. (2+3=5)

23. List the principles of management advocated by Henry Fayol and explains the following principles of management:
(a) Scalar Chain. (b) Esprit – de – corps. (2+3=5)

24. Explain why planning is necessary for effective management? (5)

25. Define stock exchange. Explain any four functions of stock exchange. (1+4=5)

26. In an electrical goods manufacturing company there are four main activities production, finance, marketing and personnel. General Manager is planning to structure the organization. Which type of organization structure he should adopt and why? Give reasons.


Define Organizing. Describe briefly the various steps involved in the process of Organizing. (6)

27. What do you understand by selection of workers? What are the necessary steps involved in the selection of employee? Explain in brief.


What is Training? Explain any three needs of training. And also distinguish it with development. (1+3+2=6)

28. Define Motivation. Explain how motivation contributes to the success of an organization.


What are the common barriers of effective communication? Suggest measure to overcome them. (6)

29. What is the concept of ‘Fixed Capital’? Describe any four factors which affect the fixed capital requirements of company.


What is meant by capital structure? Briefly explain any four factors that affect the capital structure of a company. (6)

30. What is ‘Advertising’? Distinguish between Advertising and Personal Selling on the following basis; personal contact, uniformity of message, time, feedback, media and objective.



Define marketing. Explain any six functions of marketing. (2+4=6)

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