(Guess Papers) Guess Paper For CBSE Class XII Informatics Practices (2009-10) Set - 1

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GUESS PAPER For 2009-10
SUBJECT - Informatics Practices
TIME 3HRS Max. Marks. - 70

Note : Question paper has 3 section of 30, 20 and 20 marks. All the question are compulsory


Q 1 Answer the following question :
a) Define – (i) Freeware ii) Shareware iii) OpenSource iv) Tomcat 2
b) What is the purpose of Data Mining? 2

c) Define the following terms. 2
i) Data Dictionary ii) Data Warehousing

d) What does object modeling technique mean? Why do we use UML? 2
e) Explain Localization & Internationalization. 2

Q 2 Answer the following question :
a) Explain the following terms:
    i) Startup Form ii) Load Statement iii) Show Method iv) Event 2
    b) How is a standard module different from a form module? Explain with example. 2
    c) Explain the term Data Provider and Data Control. 2
    d) Write one difference and one common characteristic between a control and a variable in Visual basic? 2
    e) What do understand by OLE? 2

Q 3 Answer the following question :
a) What is the need of normalization? Define second normal form. 2
b) State the difference between –
    i) Constraints and Triggers. ii) Before and After trigger 2
    c) Define database Transaction. What is the role of SavePoint in database transaction?
    d) What is Network Protocol? Discuss the functioning of TCP/IP Protocol? 2
    e) What is Distributed database? Name the keyword used to : 2
        (i) Force every value in a column to be different.
        (ii) To make a new Table.
        (iii)assign a value as no data
        (iv) In a column value comes automatically.


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