(Guess Papers) Guess Paper For CBSE Class XII Informatics Practices (2009-10) Set - 2

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GUESS PAPER For 2009-10
SUBJECT - Informatics Practices
TIME : 1½ HRS.  M.M. : 50

Answer the following questions :

1. Explain the following terms: 2x5=10

2 Explain the following terms using suitable examples :- 4x5=20
a)Data Dictionary
b)Data Warehousing with its characteristics.
c)Data Mining and its techniques.
d)Decision Tree with diagram
e)ER Diagram and mapping onto tables.

3. Answer the following questions: 2x10=20
a) Explain the term Client Server Computing using suitable example.
b) What does Object Oriented Modeling Technique mean? Why do we use UML?
c) Differentiate between ER Modeling and Object Modeling Techniques.
d) Define the following terms in the context of Database

e) Name two areas in industries where business computing can be applied. Describe application of business computing in those industries.
f) Write one example to show how data mining is useful in decision making.
g) What are different parts of a decision table? Give function of each part.
h) Distinguish between initial investigation and feasibility study?
i) What is an Information System? Name the building blocks of an Information system.
j) What is OSS? How is it different from Proprietary software?