(Paper) Class XII Informatics Practices: Chapter Wise Papers (BUSINESS COMPUTING AND DATABASE APPLICATIONS)

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Class XII Informatics Practices Paper (Chapter Wise With Answer)


Q.1 What is an Open Source Software?
Ans. The term Open Source refers to software in which the source code is freely available for others to view, amend and adapt.

Q.2 What is freeware?
Ans. Freeware is typically proprietary, distributed without source code and carries a restrictive license.

Q.3 What is shareware?
Ans. Shareware is a marketing method for software, whereby a trial version is distributed in advance and without payment. It can be obtained either by downloading from Internet, or on magazine cover disks free of cost.

Q.4 What is MySQL?
Ans. MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user Structured Query Language Database Management System

Q.5 Expand the terms:-
FLOSS – Free/Libre Open Source Software
FSF- Free Software Foundation
W3C- World Wide Web Consortium

Q.6 What is Business Computing?
Ans. Computing applied to solve business related problem, is known as Business Computing.

Q.7 Name some types of information systems.
TPS (Transaction Processing System.)
MIS (Management Information System)
DSS (Decision Support System)
ESS (Executive Support System)

Q.8 What is user-interface?
Ans. User interface refers to the software, which interacts with the user. It obtains user’s request, queries, response etc. and sends it for processing.

Q.9 What do you mean by a front end?
Ans. The front-end is the user interface that the user sees and which is responsible for interacting with the user. The front end is responsible for receiving user’s queries, requests etc. and passing it over the back-end.

Q.10 What is back end?
Ans. The back-end handles all databases assesses through one or more servers. After processing the user’s request and queries, the server returns the results to the back-end, which are then interpreted and passed on to the front-end.

Q.11 Give any four-application areas of databases.
Ans. Database are used and required in almost all areas requiring data processing. Four of these are given below:
(i) Payroll Processing
(ii) Inventory Control
(iii) Financial Accounting
(iv) Personnel Management