(Paper) Class XII Informatics Practices: Chapter Wise Papers (VB INTERFACE STYLES)

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Class XII Informatics Practices Paper (Chapter Wise With Answer)


Q. 1 what do you mean by a “Interface”?
Interface is the part of application through which a user interacts with the application.

Q.2 Which is the Parent form in an MDI application.
The form which contains other forms in it, is known as parent form.

Q.3 How many MDI forms are allowed in a application.
. A Visual Basic application can have only one MDI form.

Q.4 How can you make a form as MDI child form?
We can make a form as MDI child form by setting its MDIChild property true.

Q.5 What is SDI? Give example
Single Document Interface is that category of interfaces, where the application can maintain a single open document at a time. If a new document is to be opened, a new application instance needs to be started.
Example – Notepad, Paint.

Q.6 What is MDI? Give example
In MDI, Multiple Document Interface, the application can contain multiple documents at a single time.
Example – MS WORD, MS EXCEL.

Q.7 What happens when a MDI Child form is minimized ?
When a MDI Child form is minimized, it gets converted into a icon, which is placed within the client area of the screen.

Q.8 What is the significance of window menu option in MDI ?
. The window menu keeps track of all open child windows, the active window and offers commands to arrange all open child windows.

Q.9 Write code to create a new MDI Child form at runtime.
Dim child1 as new frmMDIChild.

Q.10 Can an SDI application contain many forms ? Why ?
Yes, an SDI application can contain any number of forms. But still it will be called as a SDI application because MDI application has a parent –child relationship between forms, which is not so in SDI application.

Q.11Explain the Difference between SDI and MDI ?
Single document interface supports single document in its window i.e as we open another document the previously opened document I closed and the new document is loaded in its window. As a example of SDI we can consider NOTEPAD, in which only one document can be opened at a time.
Multiple document interfaces, on the other hand, allows us to display multiple documents in a single window at a time. For example MS-Word, MS-Excel etc are examples of MDI application.

Q.12 Differentiate between Hiding and Unloading of form.
Hiding – When a form is hidden, it remains in main memory. When brought back on screen, by the show method, the form is restored to the state it was in, when Hide method was called.
Unloading – When unloaded, the form is removed from the main memory. When show method is called on an Unloaded form it is reloaded into the main memory first and its state is set according to the property values set at design time.