NCERT : Yoga Olympiad 2017

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NCERT : Yoga Olympiad 2017


The aim of all education, undoubtedly, is the attainment of human excellence and perfection, not just in any field of knowledge or activity, but life in totality. This means nurturing of the qualities of head and heart in a way congenial to the growth and development of oneself and others around him. In practical life, this has to be translated as qualities of truthfulness, righteous living, purity in personal life, self-confidence, integration of body, mind and intellect, love and compassion towards all living beings. Practicing Yoga in the true sense will support this.

Yoga is not only a process for leading towards astounding hidden personality of human being by bringing mastery over the body, mind, intellect and emotional faculties, but also a powerful tool to manifest those hidden potential powers in self. Yoga is an art of living. It improves quality of life, a healthy life with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and leads to overall holistic development of body and mind. Swami Vivekananda once said “Yoga has a complete message for humanity, Yoga is a culture of the future, as it was in the past and in the present.” Intensive intersectoral coordination and collaboration is indispensable for revival of Yoga in the right spirit and the way that was expressed by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji “It is our responsibility to ensure that the right spirit of yoga is conveyed to everyone.”

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) through National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) taking multi dimensional initiative to promote Yoga in curriculum and transaction in Schools. ‘National Curriculum Framework 2005’ (NCF-2005) highlighted yoga as an essential component which contribute to the physical, social, emotional and mental development of a child. Yoga has been integrated as an essential component of Health and Physical Education.

Theme of Yoga Olympiad:

The aim of yoga thus, is to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle for physical, mental and emotional health of children. Yoga helps in the development of strength, stamina, endurance and high energy at physical level. It also empowers oneself with increased concentration, calm, peace and contentment at mental level leading to inner and outer 4 harmony, therefore Yoga Olympiad has been planned. The theme for the Yoga Olympiad will be Yoga for Health and Harmony.

Objectives Of Yoga Olympiad:

  • To develop an understanding of yogic practices and apply this understanding accordingly in one’s life and living.

  • To develop a healthy habit and lifestyle in children.

  • To develop humane values in children.

  • To develop physical, emotional and mental health through yogic activities.

  • To develop harmony with the nature and universe.

Yogic Practices to be covered in Olympiad:

The Following dimensions of Yoga are embedded into ‘Yoga Olympiad’:

1. Shatkarma/Kriya (Cleansing Process)
2. Asanas
3. Pranayama
4. Dhyana (Meditation) (Not for evaluation)
5. Bandha and Mudra (Only for Secondary level)


NCERT has developed a syllabus for Class VI to VIII (Upper Primary Stage) and Class IX & X (Secondary Stage). NCERT has also developed the following materials on Yoga

  • Yoga: A Healthy Way of Living for Upper Primary Stage.

  • Yoga: A Healthy Way of Living for Secondary Stage.
    These books are available in Hindi, English and Urdu.

Target Group:

Upper Primary Stage:

Upper Primary Stage comprise students’ form Class 6th to Class 8th will participate
Age Group
- 10 to 14 years Girls (Upper Primary Stage)
1B - 10 to 14 years Boys (Upper Primary Stage)

Secondary Stage

Secondary Stage comprise students’ form Class 9th to Class 10th
Age Group
- 14 to 16 years Girls (Secondary Stage)
2B - 14 to 16 years Boys (Secondary Stage)

Time Schedule of Organization of Yoga Olympiad

  • Block / School Level : to be Complete by 30 April, 2017

  • District level : to be Complete by 10th May, 2017

  • State/UT level : to be Complete by 15th May, 2017

  • National level : 18-20 June, 2017 at New Delhi
    (Entries at National Level be sent to NCERT by 20th May, 2017)

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