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(NEWS) IITs Fee hikes upto Rs 2.50 lakhs a year

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IITs Fee hikes upto Rs 2.50 lakhs a year

IIT Council has its way, fees for the most prestigious engineering institute will shoot up fivefold

  • Those opting for any of the 15 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) will have to fork out Rs 2.50 lakhs a year instead of Rs 50,000 if the IIT Council that decides matters relating to these institutes approves a recommendation of the committee headed by IIT Bombay Chairman Anil Kakodkar at its meeting here on Friday.
  • To protect the poor students who may not be able to afford this fee hike, the committee has suggested a low interest rate educational loan scheme. The committee has, however, proposed no hike in fee for the post-graduate courses.
  • The IIT Council is also expected to discuss the format of the IIT Joint Entrance Examination, based on the report of another committee headed by Science Secretary T Ramasami that wants the class XII marks counted while preparing the merit list that is not done now.
  • The five-member Kakodkar committee, formed to suggest a road map for the IITs' autonomy and growth, wants the fees increased for the undergraduate courses to make the IITs more self-sufficient and pave the way for more autonomy.

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII