(News) CBSE board creating new interactive education policies

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CBSE board creating new interactive education policies

While the CBSE board is in the midst of a series of sweeping reforms, with a process of continuous and comprehensive evaluation in Std IX
and X slated to replace the Std X board exams-for the first time, you can actually have a say in the new education policies.

The CBSE board wants feedback from all stakeholders in the education system, including parents, teachers and children, before drafting its new policies. Feedback can be sent directly to the chairman of the CBSE board via the CBSE website.

"I receive around 150 mails a day with feedback on the system. All of them are being taken into account while creating the new system. I think this is the first time that policy development has been so interactive,'' said Vineet Joshi, chairman of the CBSE board.

CCEThe logo for the brand-new system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) has been designed by students of Cambridge International School in Jalandhar. The CCE slogan-Know As You Grow-has been designed by students of DPS Noida. "We received at least 80 entries for the slogan,'' said Joshi.

The board has held SMS polls to gauge what people feel about doing away with board exams. Survey questionnaires have been sent out to schools, in order to see what parents, students and teachers feel about the new system.

The board is in the process of working on some rather radical changes in the education system. For instance, if a student fails to make the grade in Std IX and X, he will be given three chances to do so. If he still fails, the board plans to take into account the student's performance in extra-curricular activities while promoting him. "The new policies are dynamic. They are not set in stone, but are constantly evolving on the basis of the feedback we receive,'' said a CBSE official.

The board also plans to set term papers for Std IX and X. Grades will be awarded to students for their performance in extra-curricular activities, sports and attitudes.

"The board has spent a lot of time building consensus on the system. So every body feels a part of the change, as they have been consulted before the new policy comes out. Since the education reforms significantly impact people's lives, it's good that the board has had discussions with people while framing its policies,'' said Avnita Bir, principal of R N Podar School, Santa Cruz.

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