(Sample Questions) CBSE Proficiency Test for Social Science Class-X & General Guidelines : 2011

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General Guidelines and sample questions for CBSE Proficiency Test for Class-X : 2011

Proficiency Test in Social Science – 2011

General information:The CBSE Proficiency Test in Social Science aims to test higher level competencies in the four key components of the subject- History, Geography, Political science and Economics. These include the ability to:

  • Comprehend key concepts and principles in each discipline.

  • Apply the above knowledge to understand relevant daily life situations,

  •  Apply the above knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations,

  •  Establish correlation between cause and effect.

  • Interpret numerical, visual and written sources.

  •  Evaluate data and arrive at logical conclusions.

  • Differentiate between facts and opinions.

  • The content level of the test is defined by the prescribed CBSE class IX and class X syllabus.The recommended textbooks for this content are NCERT textbooks in History, Geography,Political Science and Economics for classes IX and X.

  •  The questions in the test will not be based merely on recall of information.

  • The maximum marks for the test will be 100 and the test will have duration of two and half hours.

  • The question paper will be objective in nature; answers will be machine-gradable. The paper will consist of multiple choice questions (MCQs) arranged in three sections based on the level of difficulty.

  • The total number of questions in the actual question paper is not indicated by the number of questions in the sample given here.The distribution of marks among different types of questions is not indicated by the number of questions of each type in the sample given here.

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