(Paper) Important Sample Papers Of CBSE Class XII For Examination 2009 : IT SYSTEMS (Theory)

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Paper : Important Sample Papers Of CBSE Class XII For Examination 2009 : IT SYSTEMS (Theory)

1. Expand the following terms and give two line description of each : 10

(i) HTML
(ii) BIOS
(iii) WWW
(iv) DOS
(v) ISP
(vi) CD-ROM
(vii) LAN
(viii) RD
(ix) GUI
(x) SMPS


2. Fill in the following blanks : 5

(i) Device Management is a function of ___________ . .
(ii) __________ is one of the examples of Web Browser.
(iii) The utility used for restore and backup is ___________ .
(iv) _________ is an example of firmware.
(v) Protocol is a set of _________ .
(vi) ____________ stores the incoming mail in Outlook.
(vii) MODEM speed is measured in __________ .
(viii) Repeater works as __________ .
(ix) ISDN stands for __________ .
(x) Multmedia requires the following, Speaker, ________ and ________ .


3. Answer the following : 15

(i) What is the difference between Internal and External DOS command ?
(ii) What is the purpose of Gateway in Networking ?
(iii) Give example of Real time application.
(iv) What is clipboard ?
(v) What is BUS topology in network ?
(vi) Why do we compress the files ?

(vii) Convert Decimal to Binary.
(17)10 = ( )2 (60)10 = ( )2

(viii) Convert Binary to Hexadecimal.
(1110011)2 = ( )16 (10101111)2 = ( )16

(ix) Give three advantages of using anti-virus.
(x) Explain the use of autoexec.bat file in DOS.


4. Answer the following : 20

(i) Explain E-commerce with example.
(ii) Compare primary memory with secondary memory.
(iii) Define Intranet. How is it different from Internet ?
(iv) Explain Video Conferencing in detail.
(v) Explain Addressing Techniques.
(vi) Give four advantages of Computer Networking.
(vii) Create a batch file to :

· Create a directory with name as CBSE in the root directory.
· Display date in the file Hello stored in current directory.
· Delete all the files from current directory with extension as .exe.
· Copy all the files with extension .tmp to C:\BACKUP directory.

(viii) What is the function of commands FIND and SORT ?
(ix) Differentiate between Hard disk and CD-ROM Drive.
(x) Define Web page and Web-site.