(Physical Education) CBSE Sample Paper 2009 -Physical Education (Set - 2)

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Paper : CBSE Sample Paper 2009 -Physical Education (Set - 2)
Sample Question Paper (Code No.048)

  • M.M. 70

  • Class XII

  • Time 3 Hrs


All questions are compulsory.

Question paper carries two parts namely Part A & B.


Q.1. How socialization takes place through sports and games at national and international level?




“Games and sports as cultural heritage” Justify.



Q.2. Describe the following:


          (i) General fitness

          (ii) Specific fitness

          (iii) Recreational fitness

          (iv) Calisthenics and fitness

          (v) Jogging and fitness



Q.3. How physical education helps in creating positive environment? How it helps in improving performance and prevents sports related injuries?



Q.4. Write short notes on any five:


          (i) Origin of yoga

          (ii) Effect of yoga on individual

          (iii) Role of yoga in sports

          (iv) Meditation

          (v) Pranayam

          (vi) Asanas



Q.5. What do you mean by the concept of training? Explain briefly conditioning, general training, specific training and strength training.





Q.1. Describe the first aid measures and rehabilitation process of injuries related to sports and games.


Q.2. Write the following about the game/sport of your choice (any five):


          (i) List of fundamental skills

          (ii) Two specific warming up exercises

          (iii) Two terminologies of the game/sport

          (iv) Name of two sports awards conferred by Govt of India in the game

          (v) Two important tournaments and venues for last two years

          (vi) Name of two personalities with brief out line of their achievements

          (vii) Latest changes in the rules of game/sport


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