(Paper) Sample Question Paper For Class XII Year 2011 (Informatics Practices)

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Sample Question Paper For Class XII Year 2011

  • Subject: Informatics Practices
  • Time: 03 Hrs
  • Max Marks: 70

Question 1:
Tara Nathani wants to upload and download files from/to a remote intenet server, write the name of the relevant communication protocol, which will let her do the same.

(b) Two doctors in the same room have connected their Palm Tops using Bluetooth for working on a Group presentation. Out of the following, what kind of Network they have formed?

(c) Arrange the following communication channels in ascending order of their data transmission rates.  Ethernet Cable, Optical Fiber, Telephone Cable, Co-axial Cable

(d) Which of the following is not a characteristic of Open Source Software?

  • Its source code is available for modification
  • It is owned by a company or an individual
  • It can be downloaded from internet

(e) Jai Khanna is confused between the terms Domain Name and URL. Explain the difference with the help of appropriate examples of each.

(f) Define any two threats to Network Security.

(g) Differentiate between Star and Bus Topology of networks.

Question 2:

 (a) While working in Netbeans, Rajmeeta included a Listbox in the form. Now she wants the list of her friends' names to be displayed in it. Which property of Listbox control should she use to do this?

(b) What is the purpose of default clause in a switch statement?

(c) Which HTML tag inserts a horizontal straight line on a web page?

(d) How is <P> tag different from <BR> tag in HTML?

(e) How many times will each of the following loops execute? Which one of these is an entry control loop and which one is an exit control loop?

int sum = 0, i = 5;
{ sum += i;i++;} while (i<5);

int sum = 0, i = 5;
while (i<5)
{sum += i;i++;}

(f) Write a function in java that takes two numbers two numbers as input from textfields and displays their sum.

(g) How are tags used in XML different from tags in HTML? Write 2 points.

Question 3:

(a) If a database "Employee" exists, which MySql command helps you to start working in that database?

(b) Sahil created a table in Mysql. Later on he found that there should have been another column in the table. Which command should he use to add another column to the table?

(c) Pooja, a students of class XI, created a table "Book". Price is a column of this table. To find the details of books whose prices have not been entered she wrote the following query:

Select * from Book where Price = NULL;

Help Pooja to run the query by removing the errors from the query and rewriting it.

(d) Rama is not able to change a value in a column to NULL. What constraint did she specify when she created the table?

(e) Distinguish between a Primary key and Candidate key with the help of suitable example of each.

(f) The LastName column of a table "Directory" is given below:


Based on this information, find the output of the following queries:

a) SELECT lastname FROM Directory WHERE lastname like "_a%";

b)SELECT lastname FROM Directory WHERE lastname not like "%a";

(g) A table "Stock" in a database has 5 columns and contains 17 records. What is the degree and cardinality of this table?

Question 4:

(a) Define a class with reference to object oriented programming.

(b) What will be the content of jTextField1 after executing the following code:

int Num = 6;
Num = Num + 1;
if ( Num > 5)
(c) What will be the contents of jTextArea1 after executing the following statement:

(d) Rewrite the following program code using switch statement:
if (d == 1)
day = "Monday";
else if (d == 2)
day = "Tuesday";
else if (d == 3)
day = "Wednesday";
day = "-";

(e) The following code has some error(s). Rewrite the correct code underlining all the corrections made:
int i=2; j=5;
while j>i
{jTextField1.getText("j is greater");

(f) What will be the contents of jTextField1 and jTextField2 after executing the following code:
String s = "ABC Micro Systems";
jTextField1.setText(s.length()+" ");

(g) Glamour Garments has developed a GUI application for their company as shown below :

The company accepts payments in 3 modes- cheque , cash and credit cards.The discount given as per mode of payment is as follows.

Mode of Payment Discount
Cash 8%
Cheque 7%
Credit Card Nil

If the Bill Amount is more than 15000 then the customer gets an additional discount of 10% on Bill Amount.

(i) Write the code to make the textfields for Discount (named txtDisc) and Net Amount (named txtNetAmt) uneditable.

(ii) Write code to do the following:
a. When "Calculate Discount" button is clicked the discount should be calculated as per the given criteria and it should be displayed in the discount textfield. "Calculate Net Amount" button (named btnCalcNetAmt) should also be enabled.
b. When "Calculate Net Amount" button is clicked the net amount should be calculated and it should be displayed in the net amount textfield.

Question 5:

(a) Explain the purpose of DDL and DML commands used in SQL. Also give two examples of each.

(b) Write the output of the following SQL queries:
a) SELECT ROUND(6.5675, 2);
b) SELECT TRUNCATE(5.3456, 1);
c) SELECT DAYOFMONTH('2009-08-25');
d) SELECT MID('Class 12', 2,3);

(c) Consider the table TEACHER given below. Write commands in SQL for (1) to (4) and output for (5) to (8)

3/17/1994 2/12/1990 5/16/1980 10/16/1989 8/1/1990 3/17/1980 9/2/1994
ID Name Department Hiredate Category Gender Salary
1 Tanya Nanda SocialStudies TGT F 25000
2 Saurabh Sharma Art PRT M 20000
3 Nandita Arora English PGT F 30000
4 James Jacob English TGT M 25000
5 Jaspreet Kaur Hindi PRT F 22000
6 Disha Sehgal Math PRT F 21000
7 Siddharth Kapoor Science TGT M 27000
8 Sonali Mukherjee Math 11/17/1980 TGT F 24500

i. To display all information about teachers of PGT category.
ii. To list the names of female teachers of Hindi department.
iii. To list names, departments and date of hiring of all the teachers in ascending order of date of joining
iv. To count the number of teachers in English department.
v. SELECT MAX(Hiredate) FROM Teacher;
vi. SELECT DISTINCT(category) FROM teacher;
viii. SELECT AVG(Salary) FROM TEACHER group by Gender;   

Question 6:

(a) Write an SQL query to create the table 'Menu' with the following structure:

Field Type Constraint
ItemCode Varchar(5) Primary Key
ItemName Varchar(20)  
Category Varchar(20)  
Price Decimal(5,2)  

(b) In a database there are two tables 'Customer' and 'Bill' as shown below:


CustomerID CustomerName CustAddress CustPhone
1 Akhilesh Narang C4,Janak Puri,Delhi 32121245
2 Purnima Williams B1, Ashok Vihar,Delhi 56558855
3 Sumedha Madaan 33, South Ext.,Delhi 98623301


BillNo CustID Bill_Amt
1 2 12000
2 1 15000
3 2 13000
4 3 13000
5 2 14000

(i) How many rows and how many columns will be there in the Cartesian product of these two tables?

(ii) Which column in the 'Bill' table is the foreign key?