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(Syllabus) Madhya Pradesh Board : Class XII - Agriculture and Home Science

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(Syllabus) Madhya Pradesh Board : Class XII - Agriculture and Home Science

Section A
1. Introduction :- Scope & Importance of Agriculture in indian Economy Measures Adopted for improving production.
2. Climate :- Distribution of crop zones based on rainfall; Temperature; Atmospheric Pressure, Records.
3. Soils :- Definition of soil, composition, importance of soil, soil Texture, minerals, humus, soil, soil water & soil air.
4. Types of soils :- Classification of soil in M.P., Identification of soil. Formation and reclamation of acidic and basic soils.
5. Tillage :- Definition, objectives, Types, Tillage works – ploughing, narrowing, interculture & their implements.

Section B
6. Organic Manures :- Micro nutrients useful for plants & their general information.Farm yard manure, compost, oilkcake manures.
7. Fertilizers :- Nitrogenous, phosphoric & pottasic fertilizers
8. Weeds :- Control of weeds (Mechanical, Agricultural, Biological & Chemical methods.
9. Crops (Cultivation) :- Gram & soybean cultivation.
10. Crops (Cultivation) :- Cultivation of paddy.

Section C
11. Introduction of Horticulture :- Meaning of horticulture, branches & scope of horticulture, plantation methods. Training & pruning.
12. Ornamental Gardening :- (i) Definition, Importance & Scope
(ii) Climber, Shrubs & Trees
13. Plant Propagation :- Methods of propagation- cutting, air layering, graftage, inarching & budding.
14. Cultivation of Vegetables :- Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Lady finger.
15. Cultivation of Vegetables :- Radish & Onion

Section D
16. Cultivation of Fruits :- Cultivation of banana, papaya & their importance.
17. Cultivation of Fruits :- Cultivation of citrus fruits, specially-lime & orange
18. Preservation (Fruit & Vegetables :- Meaning & fruit Vegetables preservation. Importance, scope & limitations of fruits & vegetable preservation.
19. Principles & methods of fruit & vegetable preservation.
20. Methods of preservation :- (Specially) preperation of Jelly of guava, squash of lime, tomato ketchup (sauce).

Agriculture (Art & Science Groups)

1. Calculation of manure & fertilizers for crops.
2. Preparation of plants for annual & perennial crops.
3. Preparation of plants by different methods of plants propagation
4. Cultivation of rabi & kharif crops according to syllabus
5. Introduction of tillage impliments, Identification of fertilizers & seeds
Identification of weeds.
6. Record & project wook.


(A) Cell and Tissue :- meaing of the cell, Defination and structure. Type of tissue (with example)
(B) Skeletal & Muscular System :- Structure, types, functions. Joints – Types, Cartilage structure of muscles, functions of voluntary & involuntary muscles.
(C) Digestive System :- Introduction of alimentary canal.

(A) First Aid :- Meaning & area, Principles, things required in first – aid.
(B) Bandages – Types, uses, types of fracture, sprain. Artificial respiration, dislocation, bleeding and pressure point.

Nutrition and Health :- Need of food, functions of food.
Balance Diet :- (Age, sex, occupation, climate and activity) Good nutrition, under nutrition and mal nutrition

Food and Nutrition :- Protien, carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water, fibers – composition, function, sources, daily needs, Deficiency diseases.

Cookery :- Different methods of cooking foods. effect of cooking on food nutrients. General introduction about Solar cooker.

(A) Home management :- Family resources, its types, characteristics of resources.
(B) Selection of House :- Water, arrangement from health point of view, Air and light arrangement, distribution of rooms, multipurpose room, objectives, merits and demerits.

Textile :- Fiber – meaning, defination, classification of fiber characteristics of natural fiber.

Child development :- Childhood (mid – age) its development. Physical development, changes in body proportion, teeth, bones and muscles. its development, motor development, Speech development , Social and emotional developments Importance of play in development of child.

Embroidary :- Knowledge about embroidary stitches – chain stitch, stem stitch, Button hole stitch, satin stitch. french knot stitch.
Sewing :- Hemming, light – stitch (temporary) stitching, simple running stitch, Hook, Button, Button hole.

  1. To Porepare first-aid box. Tieing of bandages.
  2. To Prepare a list of food items available in local market according to their price and nutrients  present in food products.
  3. Prepare a sample using different types as basic stitches of embroidary.
  4. Washing and finishing cloths of different fibers.
  5. VIVA

NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII