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Central Board of Secondary Education

Circular No. Acad-18/2012
CBSE/ACAD./ DIR (TRG)/ 2012 Dated : 16. 05. 2012

All the Heads of Institutions
affiliated to CBSE

subject :Launch of a New Academic Website (www.cbseacademic.in)

Dear Principal,
                     The Central Board of Secondary Education is in the midst of innovation in disseminating its policies and  implementing new programmes. The CBSE website (www.cbse.nic.in) has become an important source  for Information and Communication over the years.

During the past years CBSE’s scope of academic activities has increased manifold and owing to a constant demand from various stakeholders within India and abroad CBSE is launching an Academic website  (www.cbseacademic.in). This website will provide insight not only into the academic activities of the  Board but also objectives, policy initiatives, programs, information, materials and activities which  otherwise might not be easily accessible to all. Special emphasis is been given to make the portal easy to  navigate through the site-links that are clearly marked and are self explanatory making navigation easy and `user –friendly’.

The site opens to a home page or main page that acts as a starting point from which the user can base  his/her search. The home page contains direct links to most of the other sections of the web site. These  direct links are in the form of table of contents, an index, a site map, a pull-down menu and also through a specifically designed and easy to identify set of buttons. There are certain sections like `Mentoring’ and  `Accreditation’ that open to a sub-domain with a look of an independent website.

The other important features on the main page will have links to other sections like:

i) CBSE.
ii) CCE Corner.
iii) CBSE International.
iv) CBSE Results.
v) Sahodaya.
vi) Health Initiatives.
vii) School Sanitation.
viii) Rajbhasha.
ix) AIEEE.

The Academic website will be a source for the latest as well as old publications including textbooks,  support materials, CBSE Quarterly Journal CENBOSEC, Annual report and even a sub section where one  can get to know the list of latest publications with their price and availability.

Moreover, it will also be a source of information about the ongoing programmes of the Board, with  special focus on Training, Innovation and Research, in the form of Formative Assessment workshops,  Effective Leadership Management Programmes for Principals and other such events. A regular update will  be the key feature of such trainings and workshops.

Similarly there will be a Health and Wellness Tab covering information on various programmes being held by the Board under the aegis of Health and Wellness Clubs. It will also carry announcements, information  and updates of endeavours like the `First International Life Skills, School Health & Wellbeing Summit- 2012’ that will be held from 19-21 April, 2012 at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi. The summit  will be launched by the Honourable Minister of HRM on 19th April, 2012. This unique programme will  provide an eclectic platform where budding children from schools across the country will get an  opportunity to interact with each other to promote creativity and awareness in health, wellbeing,  friendship and peace, amongst the various cultural backdrops of the nation.

This is the first time that the Board is also involving students and peer educators to showcase their  delivery of co-scholastic skills by coming together in groups of 50 schools. It will be fun for all the CBSE  Schools to access the information on the click of a button and make maximum use of the opportunity.

The CBSE Results link on the website would announce the CBSE results and the students and the parents  need not look for other links and sites. Similarly, the CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Tab will be a one stop destination for information on question papers of CTET for the previous year, CTET bulletin and  schedule for examination, results of CTET 2012 and various advertisement notices. It also has details on  structure and content and syllabus of CTET exam, important information at a glance etc. 

CBSE Academic is an evolving unit that disseminates information through regular circulars. In order to  make these circulars easily accessible the Compendium in two volumes has been put together which  brings together all circulars of importance from 8.3.2005 to 31.12.2011. Under Circulars compilation of  circulars in the year 2012 have also been uploaded along with archive section covering all the old  circulars.
The site is a sincere effort from the CBSE Academic and Training Unit and aesthetic and visual appeal,  navigation, and accessibility are the major focus points that have been kept in mind while designing and  developing this website.
We will develop more interfaces to the website in the near future and would look forward to provide  regular updates and information to you today and always.

Yours Sincerely,

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Courtesy: cbseacademic.in

Disclaimer: This website is not at associated with CBSE, For official website of CBSE visit - www.cbse.nic.in

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