(Article) CBSE and CCE: Increasing work load of Teachers and Principals

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CBSE and CCE: Increasing work load of Teachers and Principals

In the past one year, we have seen a lot of changes education segment in India, Especially school education, with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announcing grading system for evaluation and optional board exams for class X and finally introducing CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation). It has now reached a stage where everyone's especially confused about CCE.

CCE is continuous & comprehensive evaluation, aimed at evaluating performance not only on the basis of end term examinations but on academics, co-curricula’s, sports etc. and on a regular basis.

The idea behind CCE was very simple - to create a system that does away with "Marks". Most schools in India follow a 100% Mark system where students getting 92% were treated as less equal than those getting say 93%. While some parents and teachers still claim that this system gave a clear indication of where the student ranked, the pressure to achieve maximum marks pushed few students to commit suicide and many others to be constantly harassed by parents and teachers alike. With the forced implementation of CCE this year onwards, CBSE, in its view, hopes to reduce the burden on students.

The new CCE guidelines divide the entire evaluation process into 3 parts.

  • Part 1 deals with Academic Performance
  • Part 2 deals with Co-Scholastic areas
  • Part 3 of the CCE deals with Co-Scholastic Activities

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