CBSE Chairman's Message to Students for 2017 Board Exams

CBSE Chairman's Message to Students for 2017 Board Exams

Dear Students,
Starting tomorrow, many of you shall be appearing in the Board Examination. I am sure that all of you have been working hard in the preceding months and shall come out with flying colours. Success in examination requires only two simple things – a belief in yourself and hard work. Recall the wisdom in the words of our Prime Minister, ‘…success and failure in life is not determined at all by how one has done in the examination’.

Honourable Prime Minister in his address, ‘Mann ki Baat’ of 30th January 2017shared the mantra of smile more, score more. This sure would have inspired you to approach the examinations without excessive stress. So students, be confident about your preparations and your abilities. Besides this, take balanced nutritious diet, proper sleep and smallbreaks during long stretched study hours. Stay calm when you get the question paper in
the examination hall. Read it thoroughly for few minutes before you start attempting it, this will help reducing silly mistakes that you may otherwise make. Education is a life long asset and it gets you respected everywhere across the globe, as it is rightly said in this Shlok:

(Neither any thief can steal it, nor any king can defeat it, not even any sibling/relative can ask to divide or share for it, apart from this it is not heavy when you carry it with you.As much you will expense it, the more increment will be there in it and hence, Vidya, Knowledge, your intellectual property in the best wealth among all kind of existing assets...)

May your hard work help you in attaining all wisdom and knowledge, and help you attain great heights of success.

My wishes to all the students appearing the Board Examinations.

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Courtesy: CBSE