(Tips) (CBSE) Pre Exam Tips 2007-08

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(CBSE) Pre Exam Tips 2007-08
(CBSE board examinations 2008)

Dear Students!

CBSE board examinations 2008 are fast approaching. They are held in first week of march every year. All of you may have completed your syllabus by now. We bring you pre exam tips by experienced CBSE school teachers for class X in Mathematics. first let us talk about students which are a little weak in maths. These students should do some selected topics to ensure that they can clear the cbse exams.

1. Statistics - 10 marks (inclusive of probability)
We begin with stat in which we find mean, median and mode or we find the frequency/frequencies when Mean or Median are given. Ogive (less than or more than type) are drawn on graph and median is calculated from it. We also need to study probability.

2. Graph - 3 marks (from linear equations in two variables)
The second topic is graph from the chapter of linear equations in two variables in which we solve 1, 2 or 3 equations graphically.

3. Theorems - 6 marks (with one small question)
The third in my opinion are theorems from the two chapters of Triangles and Circles.

4. Number system - 4 marks
Most of the questions are very simple which have been done in lower classes.

5. Polynomials - 3-4 marks(approx)
This is another chapter which is comparatively easy
These all topics add up to 27 marks out of 80. These are life line for all below average students in maths.

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