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CBSE Class-10 Syllabus 2018-19 (Foundation of Information Technology)


CBSE Class-10 Syllabus 2018-19 (Foundation of Information Technology)

Syllabus :

Learning Outcomes:

• Understanding organization of a computer system and networking.
• Basic understanding of database design.
• Ability to work on office tools such as word processor, spreadsheet and presentation.
• Ability to apply knowledge and practice on office tools to develop IT applications.
• Ability to use Indian languages in developing an IT application.
• Ability to design HTML webpage.
• Appreciation/awareness of societal impacts of information technology in business. Public services, education, health etc.
• Awareness of basic information security issues.

Job Opportunities:
• Upon completion of this optional course on FIT at secondary level, one will be able to assist in IT-enabled office work.


Theory: 40 Marks 

Practical: 60 Marks


Description Theory


Unit I

Basics of Information Technology 10 -

Unit II

Information Processing Tools 25


Unit III

Societal Impacts of IT 05 -

Unit IV

IT Applications -


  Total 40



Time: 2½hours

Marks : 40

Unit I: Basics of Information Technology

Internet: World Wide Web, Web servers, Web Clients, Web sites, Web Pages, Web Browsers, Blogs, News groups, HTML, Web address, E-mail address, URL, HTTP, FTP, downloading and uploading files from remote site;
Services available on Internet: Information Retrieval, Locating sites using search engines and finding people on the net;
Web Services: Chat, email, Video Conferencing, e-Learning, e-Banking, e-Shopping, e-Reservation, e-Governance, e-Groups, Social Networking.

Unit II: Information Processing Tools
Office Tools
Database Management Tool: Basic Concepts and need for a database, Creating a database, DataTypes-Text, Number, Date, Time, Setting the Primary Key, Entering data into a database, Inserting and deleting Fields, Inserting and deleting Records, Field Size, Default Value, Creating Query using Design view.

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