CBSE Class-10 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017 : Delhi Scheme, Social Science

CBSE Class-10 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017 :

Delhi Scheme, Social Science


CBSE Class-10 Question Papers for IOP/Cmptt Examination :  Social Science



Time allowed : 3 hours

Maximum Marks : 90

General Instructions :
(i) The question paper has 30 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Marks are indicated against each question.
(iii) Questions from serial number 1 to 8 are Very Short Answer Questions. Each question carries 1 mark. Answer to these should not exceed 30 words.
(iv) Questions from serial number 9 to 20 are 3 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 80 words each.
(v) Questions from serial number 21 to 28 are 5 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 120 words each.
(vi) Question number 29 and 30 are map questions of 3 marks each from History and Geography both. After completion, attach the maps inside your answer-book.

1. To which country did the artist Frederic Sorrieu belong ?
To which country did Ngo Dinh Diem belong ?

2. Why is energy needed ? Write one reason.

3. Which organization does recognize ‘Political Parties’ in India ?

4.  If a non-democratic country wants to change into a democratic set up, then which kind of challenge would it face ?

5. Why do pressure groups employ lobbyist ?

6. Suppose you want to purchase a Television from market, then which logo of quality should have been marked on the Television ?

7. What is the basic function of foreign trade ?

8. Why is it difficult for poor to get loan from Banks ?

9. “Ideas of national unity in early nineteenth century Europe were closely allied to the ideology of Liberalism.” Analyse the statement.


“US entry into the Vietnam war from 1965 to 1972 marked a new phase that proved costly to the Vietnamese as well as the Americans.” Analyse the statement.

10. Why did Gandhiji launch the Civil Disobedience Movement ? Explain any three reasons.

11. “Gandhiji’s idea of Satyagraha emphasized the Power of truth and the need to search for truth.” In the light of this statement assess the contribution of Gandhiji towards Satyagraha.

12. Suggest any three measures to minimize the environmental degradation by the industries in India.

13.  “The distribution pattern of the railway network in India has been mainly influenced by physiographic and economic factors.” Support the statement with suitable examples.

14.  Which State is the largest producer of manganese in India ? Mention any two uses of manganese.

15. “Popular struggles are integral to the working democracy.” Explain the statement in the light of Bolivia’s struggle against privatisation of water.

16. “Democracy is accountable and responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens.” Evaluate the statement.

17. Explain any three recent efforts made to reform political parties in India.

18. “In a matter of years, Indian markets have been transformed with wide ranging choice of goods.” Support the statement with examples.

19.  Describe any three rights of consumer which can help him / her against unfair trade practices and exploitation.

20. Explain the values which a borrower should observe for the proper use of loan taken.


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