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​CBSE Class-11 & Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18 : Languages-Bhutia

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CBSE Class-11 & Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18


Subject: ​CBSE Class-11 & Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18 : Bhutia

BHUTIA (Code: 195)


CLASS - XI (APRIL 2017 - MARCH 2018)


Time Allowed: 3 hours                                                                                   Max. Marks:100  Periods

The Question Paper will be divided into four sections:

Section A: Applied Grammar (Sumtag)                                                                      30                 40

Prescribed Book: Lho Yig Sumtaag Dang Dritsom, HRDD, Gangtok.

Section B: Reading Comprehension                                                                          10                 20

Prescribed Book: Comprehension of an Unseen Passage

Section C: Composition

(i)     Essay Writing                                                                                            10                  40

(ii)         Letter Writing                                                                                          10

Prescribed Book: Lho Yig Sumtaag Dang Dritsom, HRDD, Gangtok.

Section D: Prose

(i)     Sungtam                                                                                                   40                  80

Prescribed Book: Lho Yig Sungtam, HRDD, Gangtok.                               25

(ii)         Poetry (Khachhi Phalui Labja)                                                                  15

Prescribed Book: Khachhi Phalui Labjah, HRDD, Gangtok.





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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII