​CBSE 2017-18 Syllabus Class-11 : Theatre Studies


CBSE Class-11 Syllabus 2017-18

Subject: Theatre Studies

Practical Examination for class XI
Students opting for theatre in class XI will have to appear for a practical evaluation for 30 Marks. They will
be evaluated on the basis following aspects:
Term I
a) A Nukkad Natak or a play, selected and presented by the students on any one of the following topics:
  • Say no to drugs - Anti-tobacco
  • Eye / Blood donation - Save Earth
  • Child Labour -  Road Safety
  • Female Foeticide - Save Water
  • Child Abuse -  Go Green / Save Environment
The students could also adapt and reframe an existing text that deals with children's lives like 'The Red Elephant', 'Rani aur Pintu', Kitabon mein Hulchul', 'Deewar', 'Hellow to Myself', 'Sab kuch Chakachak' (Productions of T.I.E. Company of N.S.D.) or any such play that stimulates new ideas. The students should make a report and elaborate on the topic chosen for the play and the reason for selecting a particular theme/topic, research about the issue, language of the play, message, music and rhythm, the process of writing the script of the play, features of the social issue that are raised or highlighted in the play, street elements, how the play was conceived, interpreted and presented. Most importantly it should be designed for four sided audience and it must be interactive. Mention the number of shows held, the reaction of the audience, evidences. There should not be more than 10 students. If there are more than 10 students then more groups can be made and the topics should be different for each group.
b) A journal, written by the student on the assignment taken up by him/her in the play or Nukkad Natak. The students, in their journal, should clearly mention their roles in the play/ Nukkad Natak. The roles
could be of an actor, dress designer, script writer, director, production manager, props handler etc.


Courtesy: CBSE