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(Download) CBSE: Class XII Sample Paper: 2012 - Food Service - 2

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Sample Paper – 2012
Class – XII
Subject – Food Service - II


  1. Part A -Question Nos. 1-10 are very short- answer questions carrying 1 mark each. They are required to be answered in one sentence each

  2. Part B -Question Nos. 6-10, are short-answer 1 questions carrying 2 marks each. Answer to them should not exceed 30-40 words each.

  3. Part C -Question Nos. 11-20, are also short- answer 2 questions carrying 3 marks each. Answer should not exceed 60-70 words each.

  4. Part D- Three Questions from 21-22 are long-answer questions carrying 5 marks each. Answer to them should not exceed 100- 150words each.

Q.1 What is a buffet breakfast? What are its advantages?

Q.2 List the functions of a good control system? (any two)

Q.3 Differentiate between room service and restaurant service?

Q. 4 Explain any two types of Banquets in brief?

Q.5 What are the features of a good Pantry?

NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII