​CBSE 2017-18 Syllabus Class-12 : Heritage Crafts


CBSE Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18


Subject:  Heritage Crafts

Aims and Objectives : 
To impart an all round and holistic education that equips the Indian youth today to face challenges of a global and rapidly changing world, while preserving their own cultural assets, traditions and values. This new subject area has been introduced for senior secondary level in schools with the following
  • To understand the critical role of the crafts community and its integral relationship to the Indian society.
  • To enable students to understand the relationship between economics, culture and aesthetics.
  • To enable students to explore the linkages between environment, craft traditions asnd society through field studies.
  • To develop a respect for the diversity of Indian craft traditions and to uphold the dignity of its practitioners by understanding the difficulties that they face.
  • To introduce Indian culture through the crafts, so that school students appreciate the variety of skills and expressions of the Indian artist.
  • To provide students a creative aesthetic experience of the unique visual and material culture of India and develop values of conservation, protection of the environment, resources and heritage of the country.
  • To enable students to understand the relationship between tradition and contemporary trends, form and function, creator and consumer.
  • To understand the processes of creating a craft object from start to finish.
  • To introduce students with the tools to extend craft traditions to wider applications through applied crafts.
CLASS–XII (2017-18)
I. THEORY 3 Hours
70 Marks
SECTION–A 40 Marks
Unit– I Overview of the Past 35 Periods
1. Crafts in the Past
2. Colonial Rule and Crafts
3. Gandhi and self sufficiency
Unit–II: Crafts Revival 45 Periods
4. Handloom and Handicraft revival
5. Crafts Community Today
6. Production and Marketing
Unit–III: Stratigies for the Future 35 Periods


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