​CBSE 2017-18 Syllabus Class-12 : Library and Information Science


CBSE Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18


Subject: Library and Information Science

As pointed out in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005, “it is important that future planning treats the library as an essential component of the school at all levels. Both teachers and children need to be motivated and trained to use the library as a resource for learning, pleasure and concentration”.
Library & Information Science Course at Senior Secondary level which will fulfil the requirement of developing necessary skills, in learners to identify, locate, evaluate and use the required information efficiently. One of the important aspects of this curriculum is to improve the education system for Library
and Information Science at school level which may be equivalent to Diploma holders in Library and Information Science.
The objectives of the Course at senior secondary level are to develop among the students the following:
  • the basic understanding of theory and practice of Library & Information Science;
  • knowledge and skill to pursue the subject for higher education in future; and
  • basic skills to work as Semi Professionals in a Library, which may be considered at par with the diploma course in LIS subject.
Class XII
Module-1: Library Management (Marks 20/ Periods 40)
Objective: The objective is to provide an understanding about the management of a library and its
activities. The module is divided into the following units:
Unit 1A: Developing Document Collection and its Management
Selection, Organization of Documents, Stack Maintenance, Stock Verification.
Unit 1B: Human Resources Managment
Staff Structure, Categorization.
Unit 2: Functions of different sections of a Library
Acquisition, Technical Processing (Classification, Cataloguing), Circulation, Periodicals, Binding and Preservation.
Module-2: Organization of Library Resources: Advanced (Marks 25/ Periods 50)
Objective: The objective is to provide an understanding of Classification and Cataloguing systems. The
module is divided into the following units:
Unit-1: Library Classification
Main Classes and their subdivisions. Concept of Personality, Matter, Energy, Space and Time
(PMEST). Steps for Classification by Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). Book Number, Call Number
Unit-2: Library Cataloguing
Cataloguing according to Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACRII) and Machine Readable
Catalogue 21 (MARC 21).


Courtesy: CBSE