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CBSE Class-12 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017 : All India Scheme, Holistic Health

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Class 12 papers

CBSE Class-12 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017 :

All India Scheme, Holistic Health


Time allowed : 2½ hours

Maximum Marks : 50


Essay type questions : (attempt any three) (minimum 150 words)
1. Write the name of organs of the digestive system and explain their functions.

2. Prepare a diet chart for a 45 years old woman having hypertension.
3. Explain any two asanas which are helpful to increase height.
4. What is surya namaskar and what are its benefits ?


Short answer questions : (attempt all) (minimum 50 words)
5. What is the role of communication in beauty business ?
6. Give the names and the functions of the valves present in the heart.
7. Write down benefits of Shavasana.


Very short answer questions : (attempt any seven)
8. List the types of mudras in Yoga.
9. What is BMI and how it is worked out ?

10.What can promotion do for your saloon ?
11.Enlist the functions of five types of tissues found in the human body.
12.Enlist the organs of excretory system.
13.Enlist the primary functions of bones.
14.What are the general effects of Jacuzzi hydro massage ?
15.Mention the functions of the circulatory system.


16. Fill in the blanks : (attempt all twelve)
(i) Cooking by dry heat includes baking and ________
(ii) Ayurvedic medicine was found in ________.
(iii) Holistic massage encourages better ________ disposal.
(iv) Furuncle is caused by bacteria that enter the skin through the ________.
(v) People with low blood pressure usually have poor circulation with ________hands and feet.
(vi) Fruits and vegetables are important sources of ________.
(vii) Yoga enhances the sense of ________ and improves memory.
(viii) Blood pressure is the force or pressure which the blood exerts on the ________ of the main arteries.
(ix) Pranayama increases absorption of ________ and activates the vital organs.
(x) Holistic health is a wellness approach that addresses the body, ________, and spirit.
(xi) The three main body types are ectomorph, ________ and mesomorph.
(xii) The increased blood circulation during massage brings in extra ________.

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