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CBSE Class-12 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017 : All India Scheme, Physical Education

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CBSE Class-12 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017

All India Scheme, (Physical Education)

CBSE Class-12 Question Papers for IOP/Cmptt Examination :  Physical Education


Time allowed : 3 hours

Maximum Marks : 70

General Instructions :
(i) The question paper consists of 26 questions.
(ii) All questions are compulsory.
(iii) Answers to questions carrying 1 mark should be approximately 10 – 20 words.
(iv) Answers to questions carrying 3 marks should be approximately 30 – 50 words.
(v) Answers to questions carrying 5 marks should be approximately 75 – 100 words.

1.Explain the meaning of Combination Tournament.

2.What do you know “Mountaineering” an Adventurous sport ?

3.Explain the term “Eating Disorders” in brief.

4.What do you mean by correct posture ?

5.State what do you understand by Food Supplements.

6.Describe the meaning of “Amenorrhea”.

7. What do you mean by Cardiovascular Fitness ?

8. Discuss briefly about Oxygen intake and Oxygen uptake.

9. What do you understand by SPRAIN and STRAIN ?

10.Elucidate Kinetic energy.

11. Explain briefly about Motivation.

12. Deepti was cautious about her outer appearance. Though, she was not obese, but reduced weight by adapting various methods like : Fasting or less food intake, using diet pills or laxatives and excessive exercise. When her class-teacher observed her condition, she realized that extreme weight-loss can damage her physical and mental health, so, she psychologically supported her and gave suggestions to maintain healthy body-weight.
Based on the above passage, answer the following questions :
1. On the basis of symptoms, suggest the name of Eating – disorder.
2. What do you understand by healthy – body weight ?
3. What values did the class teacher reflect through her initiative ?

13.What are the advantages of keeping correct posture ? Explain.

14.What are the pitfalls of dieting ? Explain any four pitfalls of dieting.

15.Define planning. Discuss about the objectives of planning in sports.

16.Calculate and draw a fixture of Volley Ball teams on knock-out basis.

17. Write briefly about the material required and safety measures for camping.

18.Write factors, determining ‘Speed’. Explain methods for improving speed.

19. What are the Nutritive Components of Diet ? Discuss briefly.

20. What are the physical and physiological benefits of exercise for children ? Write in detail.

21. Explain AAPHER Motor fitness test, specifically mentioning various items of its test battery and its administration.

22. Elucidate about the Psychological aspects of women athletes for their limited participation in sports.

23.  What do you understand by ‘ageing’ ? Explain the following :
(a) Physiological changes due to ageing.
(b) Contribution of exercise to maintain functional fitness in aged population.

24.What do you understand by body image ? Elucidate the factors influencing body image and self esteem.

25. How will you define sports medicine ? Write in detail about the aim and scope of sports medicine.

26. What is Projectile ? Explain the factors affecting projectile trajectory, with suitable examples.


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII