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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Agriculture

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Agriculture

Sample Question Paper II
Agriculture (Theory)
Class XII

Time allowed:- 3 Hrs.

Maximum Marks- 70

General Instructions :-

(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Marks of each question is indicated against it.
Q 1) Define soil fertility. (1 mark)
Q 2) Post-harvest technology is useful. Justify it giving a reason. (1 mark)
Q 3) Define spawn? (1 mark)
Q 4) Write one benefit of landscaping in urban area? (1 mark)
Q 5) What is apiculture? (1 mark)
Q 6) Explain the importance of organic farming in the present scenario. (2 marks)
Q 7) What are blue green algae? In which crop, blue green algae are recommended as a biofertilizer? (2 marks)
Q 8) Explain the reasons behind the use of thermal processing during food processing and preservation? (2 marks)
Q 9) Indian food industry is growing annually at the rate of 8-9%. What in your opinion are the factors hampering the growth of food processing in India as compared to other countries? (2 marks)
Q 10) One of the problems with use of chemical pesticides is that it affects non-target species also. How one can solve this problem? (2 marks)
Q 11) (a) What is Insect Pest Management?
(b) How cultural methods are applied to control pest?
(c) Illustrate the method of biological pest control with two examples? (1+2+2=5 marks)
Q 12) Summarize the function and deficiency symptoms of calcium and magnesium? (5 marks)
Q 13) (a) Classify the various categories of food processing units according to Food Product Order (1955) of Government of India?
(b) Explain the main features of cold chain scheme of Government of India? (3+2=5 marks)

Q 14) Value addition to food products has assumed vital importance in our country due to diversity in socio-economic conditions, industrial growth, urbanization and globalization.
(a) List the various value additions from wheat.
(b) Describe the steps in the production of wheat flakes? (2+3=5 marks)
Q 15) (a) Develop a plan to set up a nursery with an area of 0.2 ha?
(b) Identify the major problem associated with the packing, handling and marketing of plant sapling? (3+2=5 marks)
Q 16) (a) What do you understand by the terms Field Capacity and Permanent Wilting Point?
(b) Explain irrigation scheduling using critical crop growth stages?
(c) Describe drip irrigation system with suitable diagram? (2.5+2.5+5 =10 marks)
Q 17) (a) What is fruit jelly?
(b) Discuss in detail about the preparation of jelly from Guava including the raw material, ingredients and machinery required?
(c) Give a FPO (1955) specification for fruit jelly? (1+6+3=10 marks)
Q 18) How can you plan button mushroom production taking into account the following factors?
a) Agro-climatic requirement
b) Varieties/ strains
c) Casing
d) Harvesting and yield
e) Important pest and diseases (2+2+2+2+2=10 marks)


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