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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Biology) 2014-15

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Biology) 2014-15

Time allowed: 3hrs

 Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions:

1. There are a total of 26 questions and five sections in the question paper. All questions are compulsory.

2. Section A contains question number 1 to 5, Very Short Answer type questions of one mark each.

3. Section B contains question number 6 to 10, Short Answer type I questions of two marks each.

4. Section C contains question number 11 to 22, Short Answer type II questions of three marks each.

5. Section D contains question number 23, Value Based Question of four marks.

6. Section E contains question number 24 to 26, Long Answer type questions of five marks each.

7. There is no overall choice in the question paper, however, an internal choice is provided in one question of two marks, one question of three marks and all three questions of five marks. An examinee is to attempt any one of the questions out of the two given in the question paper with the same question number.

Section - A

1. A tissue culture experiment has been performed with a plant tissue infected with TMV. Meristematic tissue produces healthy plant. Reason out the possibility of obtaining such result. 1

2. State a method of cellular defence which works in all eukaryotic organisms. 1

3. In case of an infertile couple, the male partner can inseminate normally but the mobility of sperms is below 40 percent. Judge, which kind of ART is suited in this situation to form an embryo in the laboratory, without involving a donor? 1

4. Calculate the length of the DNA of bacteriophage lambda that has 48502 base pairs. 1

5. If two genes are located far apart from each other on a chromosome, how the frequency of recombination will get affected? 1

Section - B

6. The alarming population growth is leading to scarcity of basic requirements. Enumerate and justify any two population control measures to overcome this problem. 2

7. Both Down’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome are examples of chromosomal disorders. Cite the differences between the two. 2

8. Demand for mushroom as food has led to its culturing on a large scale. Similarly, it is perceived that microbes too would become acceptable as food. Identify a microbe which can be cultured as a food source and give the applicability of its culture in the given context. 2


Success rate of artificial insemination in cattle is fairly low. Identify any other mean to improve the successful production of hybrids. State the advantages of this technique.

9. a) Patients who have undergone myocardial infarction are given clot buster. Mention the clot buster administered and its microbial source.
b) A person recuperating from illness is advised to have curd regularly. Why? 1+1

10. Interpret two effects of loss of biodiversity in a region. 2

Section - C

11. Draw and label the enlarged view of microsporangium. State the function of its innermost layer.

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