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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Heritage Craft) 2015

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Heritage Craft) 2015

03:00 hours

Maximum Marks 70

General Instructions:

  • The question paper consists of three sections A, B and C.

  • All sections are compulsory.

  • Separate instructions are given with each section and question wherever necessary. Read these instructions carefully and follow them.

  • Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

  • Section A is theory part based on the textbook which has 13 questions having a weightage of 40 marks.

  • Question 1-5 are multiple choice questions of 1 mark each, students will have to attempt all.

  • Question 6-9 are of 3 marks each, students will have to attempt all.

  • Question 10-12 are of 5 marks each, students will have to attempt all

  • Question 13 is of 8 marks and carries a choice.

  • Section B is based on field work. There are 2 questions in this section. Section B has a weightage of 20 marks.

  • Question 14 and 15 carry choice and carry 10 marks each.

  • Section C is based on application and innovation in design and processes.

  • Question 16 carries choice and is of 10 marks, students will have to attempt any one question.

  • As per the instructions given above, students will have to attempt all the questions.

Section A

40 Marks

Choose the correct option in the following – (1 x 5 = 5)

1. Which was the movement started by Gandhiji to promote Indian product?

a) Swadeshi movement
b) Non-cooperation movement
c) Quit India movement
d) Dandi March

2. Women play a major role in the making of Indian craft by -

a) Following the rituals of the family
b) Bringing the children
c) Helping in the process of craft making by being involved from the beginning till the end
d) Cooking in the house

3. The Trade Development Authority (TDA) and Trade Fair Authority of India (TFAI) were established by the

a) Government of India
b) British Government
c) West Europe
d) Middle East

4. Mingling tradition with innovations help craft persons in

a) Up lifting the sales
b) Looking aesthetical and modern at the same time
c) Creating a confused state
d) Making space for traditional craft in upcoming modern market

5. One of the major advantages of organizing Craft Mela or Crafts Bazar in a place like Delhi is to _________________

a) Promote Craft and reaching to the masses
b) Give an opportunity to the crafts men to visit Delhi
c) Provide employment to the people
d) Create awareness about Delhi

Answer the following in not more than 80-100 words each (3 x 4 = 12)

6. Elaborate the role played by ancient guilds and srenis in maintaining the standard of product.

7. What are the problems faced by skilled craft persons to reinstate themselves after natural disaster?

8. Suggest the measures to stop child labour in craft industry.

9. Describe how created facilities, education and advertisement will help craft persons to grow more.


How can craft persons recover their status and esteemed place in present economic situation?

Answer the following in not more than 100 – 120 words each –(5 x 3 = 15)

10. Discuss how colonialism diverted Indian cotton craft production to suppliers of raw material.

11. How did the initiatives of Mrs. Kamla Devi Chattopadhyay help in promoting crafts after India’s independence?

12. Design and development goes hand in hand for the craft sector. Explain.


The traditional market places (melas and pilgrimage centers) for craft sale have advantages and disadvantages for the crafts community. Explain.

Answer the following in not more than 150 – 200 words – (8 x 1 = 8)

13. Elaborate the principles of marketing with relevant examples.


How does the sale of Crafts decline with less tourism? What are the measures you suggest to promote the sale?

Section B

20 Marks

Describe each of the following in not more than 300 words. (10 x2 =20)

14. While documenting the craft tradition what was your finding on the following –

a. Material, process and techniques.
b. Social structure including role of women
c. Resources management


In your opinion what are the major factors responsible for the present status of crafts being so low?

15. Describe in details, the issues and measures discussed in the class before going on the field work.


Write in detail the aspects of the heritage buildings that you studied while documenting them in your city.

Section C

Describe the following in not more than 100 words. (10 x 1= 10)

16. Note down any one innovation that you brought in the craft chosen by you. Did the craft person agree to adapt it? Give reasons.


Describe the measures you will take to promote sale and public awareness. Give reasons


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