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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Home Science) 2014-15

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Home Science) 2014-15


MM: 70

General Instructions:

  • There are 25 general questions.

  • Question nos. 1-6 are very short answer questions carrying 1 mark each. Answer to these questions shouldin one or two lines.

  • Question nos. 7-13 are short answer-I questions carrying 2 marks each. Answer to these questions should not exceed 10 - 20 words.

  • Question nos. 14 and 15 are case study based and picture based questions carrying 3 marks each .Answer to these questions should not exceed 20 - 30 words.\

  • Question nos. 16-21 are long answer questions carrying 4 marks each.Answer to these questions should not exceed 30 - 40 words.

  • Question nos. 22- 25are long answer questions carrying 5 marks each.Answer to these questions should not exceed 40 - 50 words.

  • Support your answer with suitable examples wherever required.

  • All questions are compulsory.

1. Bahadur lives in a village. Write the two advantages that you will tell him about the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). [1]

2. Write the difference between growth and development. [1]

3. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recently revised the recommended daily allowances (RDA) for certain nutrients. What is the revised calcium requirement for a normal and apregnant woman? [1]

4. Give two reasons to maintain the household account by a family. [1]

5. State two reasons to justify the price of a costly fabric. [1]

6. Sudha has studied Home Science in class XII as one of the subjects. She wants to pursue further education in the same field. Suggest her any two options for the same. [1]

7. Identify any four physical changes in adolescent girls and list. [2]

8. You are in class XII. Write four tasks you will be required to perform to adjust better in  the next stage (early/young adulthood). [2]

9. Culture, media, food practices and food availability have a strong influence on the meal planning of a family. Support this statement with the help of one example each. [2]

10. Analyse any four conditions on the basis of which the entire lot of apple jam can be declared as adulterated by Food Safety and Standard Association of India (FSSAI). [2]

11. Write two advantages each of recurring savings scheme of bank and Public Provident Fund (PPF) scheme. [2]

12. Your school dress shirt is white and got stained by oil poured out from your tiffin box. How will you remove it? [2]\\

13. Write four features of Development of Women and Children in Rural Area (DWACRA) scheme. [2]

14. During rainy season almost everyone in a specific locality suffers from stomach ailments.You have suggested them to use chlorine tablets to make water safe for drinking. Write the method and give two reasons for your suggestion. Also write two precautionary measures while using these tablets. [3]

15. Seemaloves to eat but ofteninduces herselfto throwup her meals. What do you think she is suffering from? If she continues, what could bethe repercussions? How can she be helped? [3]

16. Your father spentRs. one lakh on his mother’s medical expenses. Convince him to buy a mediclaim policy for his whole family with its eight salient features. [4]

17. Rajesh works as a clerk. His son studies in a professional college. He finds it hard to meet their monthly expenses. In what four wayscan his son help in reducing his own expensesand use his skills to increase their real income? [4]

18. Sudha buys vegetables from nearby market. Alert heron at least four ways the vendor may adopt to cheat her. Write four of her responsibilities as an aware consumer? [4]

19. Suggest an appropriate dress, keeping in mind elements of art and principles of design to suit your friend who is tall, heavy and fair. [4]

20. You have to store properly the woollen and silk clothes as these are no more suitable to wear due to the nature of weather. Suggest four points to store for each of them. [4]

21. Give four suggestions from the area of Nutrition and Human Development to justify that knowledge of Home Science can lead to self employment. [4]

22. The ‘adulthood is divided into three stages: young, middle and old.

i) What are the major differences in terms of developmental tasks?
ii) How does career take shape from young adulthood to middle adulthood? [5]

23. Meera is a lactating mother who has been served potato pakoras and imli chutney for evening tea. Analyse this meal and modify it to meet her nutritional needs. Justify the modification with appropriate reasons. [5]

24. Define meal planning. Why is it important to plan meals for a family? Give two reasons. Mention four factors to be considered while planning meals for an infant? [5]

25. You want to buy a dress for your farewell party. What will be the major aspects to be checked before buying it? Explain those by giving appropriate reasons. [5]


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