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CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Mass Media Studies) 2014-15

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CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Mass Media Studies) 2014-15

Max Marks : 80

Time Allowed: 3 Hours

The weightage of the distribution of marks over different dimensions of the question paper shall be as follows:


VSA = Very Short Answer Type Questions
SA-1&II = Short Answer Type Questions
LA = Long Answer Type Questions
ET = Essay Answer Type Questions

Scheme of options

Internal option in ET type question only.

General Instructions:

(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Marks for each question are indicated against it.
(iii) Answers should be brief and to the point.
(iv) PART- A has 8 Very Short Answer type carrying one mark each. Answer to each question should not exceed 20 words.
(v) Questions 9 to13 in PART- B are Short Answer Type I questions carrying 3 marks each. Answer to each question should be about 40-50 words.
(vi) Questions 14 to 19 in PART- C are Short Answer Type II questions carrying 4 marks each. Answer to each question should be about 60-80 words.
(vii) Questions 20 to 22 in PART- D are Long Answer Type questions carrying 5 marks each. Answer to each question should be about 100-150 words.
(viii) Questions 23 and 25 in PART- E are Essay Answer Type questions carrying 6 marks each. Answer to each question should be about 150-200 words.


1. What are the two distinct stages of message transmission in the two step flow theory? 1
2. What are folktales? 1
3. According to Majid Tehranian, what are the three megatrends that characterize the 21st century? 1
4. State any two differences between the works of Lumiere Brothers and Georges Melies. 1
5. What is understood by genres in films? 1
6. What is Mise en scene? 1
7. What is multimedia? 1
8. What is ‘Comparative Advertising’? 1


9. Briefly explain the two broad categories of a newspaper format giving suitable examples. 3
10. Are online versions of newspapers a profitable enterprise in India? Why do you think so? 3
11. What are the uses of multimedia? 3
12. Write a brief note on Vividh Bharati Services. 3
13. What were the technological factors that facilitated the growth and development of press. 3


14. What do you understand by the terms: Yellow Journalism, Chequebook Journalism, Sting Journalism and Page 3 Journalism? 4
15. Explain the difference between analogue and digital signals. 4
16. Imagine you are a newspaper journalist. You have to interview the Police Commissioner of your state about “Safety of Women”. Frame five chronological questions to ask him/her. 4
17. According to Jerome Bruner, what are the important characteristics of a narrative. 4
18. Describe some of the recent forms of advertising. 4
19. What is quota sampling? Do you agree that the quota sampling is more reflective of the entire group? Cite reasons in favour of your view. 4


20. Critically analyse the audience theories of mass media. 5
21. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of advertising in different forms of media. 5
22. Discuss any five points involved in the process of adaptation of cinema. 5


23. Why is cinema called the mother of all arts? Elucidate with examples. 6
24. The portrayal of women in the Indian media oscillates in heaps of different shades.’ Explain. 6
25. Describe the various computer hardware that are required to create multimedia projects. 6


Write briefly on any four softwares that can be used in developing a multimedia project.


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