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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2015-16 : Physical Education

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2015-16 : Physical Education


Time: 3 Hr.

General Instructions:

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Question paper consists of 28 questions.
  • 01 mark questions must be answered in 10-20 words.
  • 03 mark questions must be answered in 30-50 words.
  • 05 mark questions must be answered in 75-100 words.

1. What is planning in games and sports? (1)
2. Write one objectives of adventure sports? (1)
3. Define Anorexia Nervosa? (1)
4. What is a good posture? (1)
5. What are Food Supplements? (1)
6. What is Osteoporosis? (1)
7. Your grandmother has severe pain in the legs. Name the test you will suggest to measure her lower body strength particularly legs? (1)
8. Write one physiological change due to ageing? (1)
9.Define the term Sports Medicine? (1)
10. What is a parabola? (1)
11. Define intrinsic Motivation? (1)
12. Illustrate the differences between Iso-Kinetic and Iso-metric exercises? (3)
13.What is scoliosis? Mention any two corrective exercises for it. (3)
14. What is an eating disorder? Mention its types and explain each. (3)

15. Illustrate the differences between Intramural and Extramural tournaments? (3)
16. What is a knock out tournament? Mention any two disadvantages of knock out tournaments?
17. Sports are good for all ages. It is good for children to enhance their physical activity if they take part in organized sports and games and good for senior citizens to remain healthy. However, the sports activities should be appropriate for the children and motivation should be provided to the elders. (2+1)
a) Elaborate any two physiological benefits of exercise in children?
b) Guide your grandfather to remain healthy and mention any four leadership qualities you would show to test him if he is not ready?
18. Write in brief about any three physiological factors determining speed? (3)
19. Describe the considerations in meal intake which should be taken before, during and after the competition? (3)
20. Define motor development? Discuss in detail the factors that affect motor development in children? (5)
21. What is Harvard Step Test? Mention the equipment required to perform it and explain its procedure? (1+1+3)
22. Gender beliefs still exist in every society of the world even when so many changes have taken place due to education. Explain any five psychological traits of women athletes?
23. Give five physiological differences between males and females? (5)
24. Explain structure of personality? Describe the role of sports in developing the personality?(2+3)
25. Define Sports injuries? Write classification, prevention of sports injuries? (5)
26. Define trajectory? Discuss in detail the factors that affect trajectory? (2+3)


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