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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Political Science) 2014-15

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Political Science) 2014-15

TIME: 3 hrs

MM: 100

General Instructions:

1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Question numbers 1-5 are of 1 mark each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 20 words each.
3. Question numbers 6-10 are of 2 marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 40 words each.
4. Question numbers 11-16 are of 4 marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 100 words each.
5. Question numbers 17-21 are of 5 marks each. The answers to this question should not exceed 150 words.
6. Question numbers 22-27 are of 6 marks each. The answers to this question should not exceed 150 words.

1. Is NAM neutral? 1

2. Mention any two core values of a country. 1

3. What was the immediate outcome of the two nation theory? 1

4. Which period of Indian politics has been referred to as ‘dangerous decade’? 1

5. Was the anti-arrack movement a women’s movement? Give one argument to support your answer. 1

6. What is SAARC? 2

7. Give any two examples of the American hegemony as a soft power. 2

8. Why do we need international organizations? 2

9. Which two challenges are the newly independent countries of Asia and Africa facing? 2

10. Mention any two reasons due to which Janata Party won the elections of 1977. 2

11. When and why was ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ launched? 4

12. Mention any four factors that led to the rise of the Chinese economy. 4

13. What are the reasons for growing concerns about the environment? 4

14. What kinds of difficulties were involved in the process of partition? 4

15. “Governments that are perceived to be anti-democratic are severely punished by the voters.” Explain the statement with reference to the emergency period of 1975-77. 4

16. ‘Politics in India has succeeded in accepting regionalism as a part and parcel of democratic politics.’ Justify the statement with suitable arguments. 4

17. Read the passage given below carefully and answer the following questions: We have a Muslim minority who are so large in numbers that they cannot, even if they want, go anywhere else. That is a basic fact about which there can be no argument. Whatever the provocation from Pakistan and whatever the indignities and horrors inflicted on non-Muslims there, we have got to deal with this minority in a civilized manner. We must give them security and the rights of citizens in a democratic State. If we fail to do so, we shall have a festering sore which will eventually poison the whole body politic and probably destroy it.

Jawaharlal Nehru, Letter to Chief Ministers, 15 October 1947

Give an account of the background in which the letter was written and explain the challenge that Jawaharlal Nehru is referring to in it? 5


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