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CBSE Class-9 & Class-10 Syllabus 2017-18 : Languages-Japanese

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CBSE Class-9 & Class-10 Syllabus 2017-18


Subject: ​CBSE Class-9 & Class-10 Syllabus 2017-18 : Japanese




Time: 3 hrs.                                                                                           Marks: 80

A)      Reading  Comprehension Section:                                                   20 marks

A:1     Reading comprehension of the short passages/ conversations/ stories related to syllabus.

Lessons 1-13  (unseen passages-3-4, MCQ)

Short answer questions                                                10x1   10 marks

MCQ (True or false/odd one out/ match the following    8x½    04 marks

fill in the blanks)  (Any 2)                                                  6x½    03 marks

A:2     Value based question related to syllabus (family, travel, manners, addressing elders,

using  correct vocabulary for seniors while gifting, inviting etc)     1x3     03 marks

B)      Writing Section:                                                                              20 marks

GENKOUYOUSHI (japanese essay/letter writing sheets) TO BE PROVIDED

Simple paragraph/essay writing on the topics “My family”, “My Weekend”,

“My School” in about 350 characters, (any 2 / 3 for final exam).

Letter to your grandfather talking about your Japanese language studies and a school / family trip in about 300-350 characters.

Complete dialogues,  written  passages  (choice  words,  incomplete  passages/

conversations to be given related to syllabus). Criteria assessment of the writing section :

Marks for Logical cohesion and construction, Marks for use of correct grammar and vocabulary – (excellent/very good/good/limited/ poor).

Marks for correct usage of genkouyoushi .

No marks to be deducted for spelling mistakes.

C)      Grammar Section:                                                                          20 marks

Based on the prescribed textbook (Lessons 1-13)

All    particle, counters, verbs conjunctions, demonstrative pronouns, place, adverb, idioms  and vocabulary, animate, inanimate, verb conjugations, tenses, verb meanings, giving/ recieving, adjectives, question words, desire, comparisons.

D)      Script KANJI                                                                                   20 marks

1st  6 chapters of NIHONGO CHALLENGE BOOK (kanji 1-60 N 5) Must be able to read and write all kotoba listed in the book with the kanji



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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII