(Download) CBSE Class X History Guess Paper: 2012

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Guess Paper – 2012
Class – X
Subject – History

(a) “ A large city population was thus both a threat and an opportunity.” Justify this statement.

(b) What led to the major expansion of Bombay’s population in the mid-18th century ?

(c) Who wrote “The Bitter Cry of Outcast London’ and when ?

(d) What do you know about ‘London Season’ ?

(e) Explain in brief the history of Land Reclamation in Mumbai.

(f) Explain the social change that took place in the 19th century which resulted into political movements.

(g) When and where was the very first section of the underground railway in the world opened ? Why did people oppose it ?

(h) What forms of entertainment came up in England came up in England to provide leisure activities for the people ?

(i) “Many felt that the ‘Iron Monsters’ added to the mess and unhealthiness of the city.” Explain.