(Download) CBSE X Mathematics Guess Paper: 2012 (Set-III)

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Guess Papers – 2012
Class – X
Subject – Mathematics

1. If the perimeter of a circle is equal to that of a square , then the ratio of their areas is
(a) 22:7
(b) 7:22
(c) 14:11
(d) 11:14

2. A solid sphere of the radius 6cm is melted and recast into spherical balls of 2cm radius. Find the number of the balls made.
(a) 3
(b) 108
(c) 216
(d) 27

3. The slant height of the frustum of cone is 5cm .If the difference between the radii of its circular ends is 4cm , then height of the frustum is :
(a) 3.5cm
(b) 1cm
(c) 3 cm
(d) 2cm

4. One card is drawn from a well shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. Find the probability of getting
(i) a non face card
(ii) a black king or a red queen

5. Find the area of the quadrilateral formed by the points
A (1,2),
B (4,0) ,
C (5,2)
D (3,5)


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